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The Antilogy of Israel

This project is half way to it's goal. Its a book with portraits and landscapes where it will cover some of the controversial topics. Here is what this journalist has to say about her project: As an aspiring journalist, it is not my intention to mislead readers. However, I have felt in several occasions over the years that Israel has only been depicted as a war mongering state with few morals outside of its religion. This simply isn't true. So without avoiding key issues I plan to create awareness on the struggles felt by the Israeli people, as well as highlight some of the awesome initiatives the country has provided it's people.

Controversial topics include: Border Conflicts, Political Conflicts, Racial Conflicts, and Religious Conflicts.

Positive topics include: Green Initiatives, Booming Tech Start Ups, Advancements in Medicine (particularly in the oncology dept.), Prominent Business Models of the Independent Entrepreneur in the Wake of Increasing Commercial Industries, Investments in Art, and Community Programs Instated by the Government (Birthright/ Aliyah and a few others). My book will be told through a series of interviews from Israeli/ American professionals. I will give little input on the situations at hand because I do not feel as if I'm qualified enough to speak on them correctly. I have made a point to speak with many people of different backgrounds. I aim to equally represent all the cultures of Israel in my book.

I have many reasons for wanting to write this book. Among them being my race versus my religion. This is not an attempt to argue religion; it is my way of giving back to the community. I can't even count how many times someone has given me a puzzled look when I mention that I'm Jewish. "A black Jew? I didn't know those existed..." I always chalked it up to people not being exactly clear on where the middle east was. Then I came to the realization that people just don't know the possibilities because no one had ever exposed them to it. I would like to change that.

Jews need another voice right now. According to the most recent study done by the Anti-Defamation League, Americans have less Anti-Semitic ideals than they use to. Which is great. But have we heard about the hard times Jews are having in France and Ukraine? There are protesters by the thousands who spew hate and intolerance of their Jewish counterparts. History has shown us what comes of that. I would like to make society more aware.

With help from the kickstarter community I hope to raise enough funds to support my endeavor. This includes supplies for marketing/ promotion, as well as editing and legal work necessary to get this book off the ground. I believe that this number is reasonable in the grand scheme of things. If you or someone you know is willing to support please share this on all the social media sites you can. All help is welcome and appreciated.

The video isn't very good but she makes a point to talk about her travels and personal experience with Israel.

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