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The Anticlimactic Fiscal Cliff

The not-at-all surprising fiscal cliff drama currently unfolding on Capitol Hill warrants a mere yawn from the average American voter. We have heard it before. We have watched crises after crises unfold and are no longer buying the doomsday rhetoric which serves as political collateral for the Congressional royalty. We have been misled before into a feeding frenzy only to see whatever substantive issue exploited, then kicked down the road as extensions and delays are employed as the status quo of Congressional accomplishments. Congress, simply put, has cried wolf one too many times. And if there is a serious crisis in the future they want people to pay attention to, I am afraid it's too late. No one is listening any more. A serious issue would have warranted an answer last year, last month, even last week. A serious issue would have warranted discussion during a presidential election. Yet, the term "fiscal cliff" was not employed even once during the electoral process.

The sad part to this story is that America is in danger. America's credit has been downgraded once - once again would yield a devastating blow. Those in power have played politics with the lives of Americans and the way of our Democracy and that will eventually have consequences. Questions about tax increases, decreases will be meaningless when China comes calling for their borrowed monies. We have elected individuals to represent our interests but they are much too busy representing themselves. Americans are tired, sick and tired of all the talk.

I know the America I grew up in is slowly slipping away. And no one is actually doing anything in Washington DC to save it. Perhaps the wake-up call to Congress will be when they take their latest crisis at the end of the December to the American airwaves and realize everyone, instead, was watching American Idol.


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