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The Anthony Weiner doll is selling like hot cakes (T-shirts and condoms too)!

Anthony Weiner memorabilia is selling like hot cakes
Anthony Weiner memorabilia is selling like hot cakes
The Political Commentator

National security and Anthony Weiner are definitely related!

Not to mention the economy as Anthony Weiner memorabilia is selling-out and crashing websites!

Can we have our politicians doing immoral acts that violate their marriage vows or even the law? Absolutely as has been proven time and time again (see the definition for politicians with examples given for tax evasion and infidelity)!

Are these immoral acts any of the public's business given the fact that a man's private life is his private life?

Not as long as the politician has retired from office and is living as a private citizen.

Blackmail and Weiner

It may sound cliche but when a man (or woman) can potentially be blackmailed into deciding or pushing certain issues that fit into someone else's agenda, all due to information being held over that politicians head, it is a public matter!

Who knows how the Weiner Twitter relationships started. Most likely he initiated them and they were as innocent as they could possibly be, but what if a crafty group or organization had lured him in?

Stranger things have happened throughout history. The bottom-line is that when politicians make the commitment to serve they need to keep their pants zipped until they are out of office.

If they can't, then stay in the private sector!

The anatomically correct Anthony Weiner doll, Weiner T-shirts and Weiner condoms are all selling very well!

"Due to the controversy and nature of the Twitter acts there is a Weiner doll complete complete with penis that has been selling like hot cakes for $49.95 The company expects to sell 1,000 this week with interest in the doll so intense that the website crashed.

There is a T-shirt from with the tag-line "Tweet your meat, lose your seat" and Weiner condoms with his picture on the wrapper from that has sold 6,000 units." (The Political Commentator)


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