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The answer to the problem is....

Stop it before it happens. Protests; rallies; sermons; prayers…. All of this takes place AFTER the trouble happens; after the tragedy takes place; after the life is lost. This is great…but what is happening BEFORE these incidents take place? Why are things getting worse, and not better? There is an answer.

Every evil is the result of a problem. The problem is that we live in a society that has many churches, but it is godless. We say we know GOD, but we don’t act like it. We save we love Christ, but we don’t live like it. We say we are witnesses, but we don’t teach like it. We say we are followers of Christ, but we don’t walk like it. “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof…” 2 Timothy 3:5

If we witnessed as charged; walked as commanded; loved as instructed, then perhaps, we could be part of the solution. The problem is that people don’t know Christ; they don’t acknowledge GOD… People are sick and hurting; lost and abused; alone and confused, and they need a way out. The pain is going to come out in some form, and if it is not healed through Christ, then it is covered up with substances; comes out in anger; results in destruction. If only someone would tell them about Christ. There is an answer.

If people are walking in evil ways; living in darkness; and without GOD knowledge, what do we expect from them? Do we expect those who don’t walk with light, to be light? Do we expect those who do not know GOD (LOVE), to walk in love? Do we expect people who don’t know the truth, to abide in truth? It would be silly to believe that…but no more silly than Christians sitting up in churches, having ‘bless me’ functions and dinners; celebrating Pastors and ushers; choirs and annual days…but not investing the time and money into ministering to people BEFORE they kill someone; BEFORE they commit a crime.

How ridiculous is it to have a big building, called church, and never come out and minister to the community. Who is supposed to be witnessing to the lost around us? Are we waiting for somebody else to do it? Are we waiting for Jesus to come back and do it? We are not law enforcement. We are not just supposed to sit back and demand justice AFTER something happens. We are witnesses who are supposed to be reaching out, to help prevent some things from taking place.

We can blame people, but our only enemy is Satan. We are supposed to oppose him; but we cannot oppose the devil unless we are presenting the WORD. Our responsibility doesn’t lie with us making sure someone is locked up in a physical prison; but speaking the WORD so someone can be free from the spiritual prison. We are working backwards.
How about gathering the saints together and bombarding the neighborhoods where there are drugs, prostitution, broken homes, lost youth, abandoned homes, broken lives? How about ministering to people and teaching them how to get Christ; be changed and get delivered? How about helping people live right, and see that there is hope? We are not identified just by our race, sex and background; but we can be changed into new creatures; identified in Christ.

Let us take the time, energy, finances and wisdom, to the people, so that sin can be pushed out; darkness can be dispelled; hurt can be healed; lives can be changed; families can be restored; communities can come together; and the kingdom can increase. Jesus is the answer to the problem.

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