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The Answer Man

The time honored tradition of deciding on a career path for some knowing what you wanted to do with your life comes early on. For others flounder thru much of their young lives somewhat confused as to which endeavor would be most self-fulfilling. Still others choose a path though not so much for self-fulfillment but for the financial rewards that are so often included. The financial gains are the bait that lures those undecided to decide. Today, what we are seeing are more career choices being made for monetary gains than for a sense of self-fulfillment. That is one of the biggest reasons why the United States has such a shortage of General Practitioners Doctors that are so desperately needed to secure the health of a nation.

For Horace Man he had always known from his earliest recollection just what he wanted to do with his life. For all those that have come to know him he always seemed to have the solutions to the complexities of everyday. In school let's just say some of his answers though were just a tad off the mark. But, as Horace got older he also got a little wiser. In Horace's case he always managed to understand the consequences of the actions taken. Maybe that is why Horace excelled at chess.

As the years flew by Horace began to realize he had more to offer to a community, a region, and a nation. Though, Horace managed to make a living, sometimes was unemployed but always managed to keep a roof over his head, a bottle of scotch in the cupboard, and food on the table. But, through it all was still satisfied with the career choices he made along the way. Unfortunately, though in a age and a society that places so much importance on wealth where only the very wealthy are deemed the ones that are the only ones afforded the opportunities to make decisions or offer solutions to everyday concerns Horace's only option was just like standing on the sidelines watching the game being played. Unable to participate just because of the decision he made for self-fulfillment rather than for monetary gain.

As Horace continues standing on that sideline begins to see the unfairness of life all around. It is as though the cards are always stacked against a population that has become so destitute. The cries of the multitudes continue to fall on deaf ears. When Horace writes about the injustices of the day is continually ignored, deemed un credible and so often ridiculed. Hoping against hope that one day soon someone will read what Horace is trying to convey. Like a Clydesdale horse he continues writing anyway. Trudging along not giving in or giving up with every essay he pens knowing like in athletics perseverance will finally pay off.

There are many like Horace today. Still, where a society that ignores the ones that actually can make a difference leaves little doubt that things will not change. When Horace sees a nation accelerating faster like a freight train headed for disaster but is paralyzed when trying to interfere the train wreck of a nation is so ever near.

The question remains, will someone see or hear from the Horace's around that still offer the answers that will offset the impending disaster that is near? When Horace thinks back to collegiate years Professor Franklin understood even back then the importance of an individual's contributions to a society and the difference one can actually make if the powers that be put aside the imposed discrimination that a character of a man is not predicated just on wealth alone. It has been proven that calamities have occurred just because those powers that be failed to understand what Professor Franklin knew even back then.

Today there is no exception to the rule of thought that has linked Horace to those bygone collegiate years. A society in such peril as we are witnessing today can not afford not to see and read what the Horace's have to say. For if those powers that be continue to deny, refute, and ignore people with something to say storm clouds of uncertainty will hang heavy obstructing this nations ability to ever see the light of a brighter future. A future where all are afforded the opportunities of contributing to the betterment of all.