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The Annunciation, and the 'hate crime' called Catholicism

Believe, receive, and become...
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Just as Mary did not summon the angel Gabriel, so too most of us were baptized into the faith as unaware babies. Like Mary, our 'yes,' years later, during the Sacrament of Confirmation, and our 'yes' all throughout our life, has given birth to Jesus, Immanuel, God-with-us, in the Holy Spirit, through prayer and sacrament and Sacred Word.

Yet, how were we to know, like Mary, that giving birth to God (is Love), would lead to the Crucifixion, and the world's violent rejection of 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life.'

Who would have known that, like Mary, the embracing of the Lord's Holy Will in a 'yes' would be branded a 'hate crime' by popular society?

'Thou shalt not kill.'

Our 'yes' to the Lord in this foundational Commandment has branded us criminals who wage war on women's reproductive rights. Our faith leads us to have compassion on those who have abortions, since, quite often, they are victims themselves. But our faith never compromises on the act itself--it is intrinsically evil to kill an unborn baby through abortion, and if, in any way, through donation, through time and effort, or through a vote, you support this crime, you are complicit with this evil act.

The purveyors of evil do not like to see their own reflection. Evil prefers to be perceived as goodness--the devil quite often appears as an angel of light. That is why Catholicism is a 'hate crime' against 'women's reproductive rights.'

Catholicism shines the light...and evil hates its own reflection!

Marriage truly should be a gay affair. Gay, in the sense of happiness. But never gay in the sense of going against the precepts of the Lord, where 'two become one,' a man and a woman. Marriage can never be gay since marriage must be open to life, life as naturally conceived through the design of our Loving Creator.

Scripture, Tradition, nature, and common sense, point toward the naturalness, necessity, and complementarity of marriage between a man and a woman. Catholicism encompasses all these. But the world has its own designs for marriage, based on the power of manipulative political ideology, hedonism, and the rejection of God. Catholicism simply points to the natural beauty, endowed with supernatural grace, of a man and woman in marriage.

In pointing out the beauty, the world perceives the perversity of its own marital design--the backlash is to brand Catholicism with the 'hate crime' of homophobia.

The Catholic Church, like Mother Mary, is called to be the humble handmaid of the Lord. Mary never made character judgments on any of the faulty apostles and disciples. She simply loved them in humble complicity with the Will of the Lord. The Church, likewise, is called to love every human person, from conception to natural death, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, mental capacity, level of beauty, or status in the world. This recognition of 'the dignity of the human person' is truly counter-cultural.

You would think that such compassion and love for all people would be embraced by a world so much in tune with 'coexisting' and 'inclusiveness.'

Think again.

Catholicism is that special sort of 'hate crime' that gets in the way of the utopian society and its comforts and conveniences. Abortion, euthanasia, gay 'marriage,' contraception, embryonic stem cell piracy, popular promiscuity, pornography, racial warfare, entitlements, secularism, socialism, and attacks on religious liberty are all signs and symptoms of comfort and convenience at all costs.

Even to the extent of persecuting, imprisoning, blacklisting, and killing other human beings.

That is why Catholicism is becoming public enemy number one. Remember, to the pagan and the unbelieving onlooker, the Crucified Jesus was a criminal, a threat to Caesar.

The question is, will we give our Marian 'yes' to God and threaten Caesar the very same way?