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The Angels' descent back to earth

Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh
Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh
Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

I'm not going to shed a tear, because I know that Drew Barrymore will rebound after ABC canceled her TV remake of Charlie's Angels. Granted, it didn't have the same appeal as her films (based off the original series) starring Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Ms. Barrymore, but I'm all about 'girl power'.

I had run across various viewers who were undecided if they would keep tuned in for the long haul but ABC officially gave the ol' axe after ratings declined, even after the recent surcharge they received. If you liked the show, then don't worry, it will continue airing on Thursdays at 8 p.m. with an unknown number of episodes (four have already aired). Too bad the show didn't capture it's audience fast enough, but I had mentioned the possible (overall) 'success' rates of new shows in prime time slots this season in a previous article. You can also catch up with aired episodes of the winged beauties online here

I'm going to watch all the episodes. I like Drew and most of the things she does, but I honestly wish she came out with another C.A. film featuring a more diverse cast but sticking with the formula that made the other two films popular.

Oh well, back to the drawing board or at least, back to the 'remake' board.

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