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The Andrew Stern suicide: Proof that money cannot buy true love or happiness

Andrew Stern (center photo, right) is rumored to have committed suicide over rumors that his wife, model Katie Cleary, was cheating on him with well-known actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Andrew Stern (center photo, right) is rumored to have committed suicide over rumors that his wife, model Katie Cleary, was cheating on him with well-known actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Google Images has reported that Internet entrepreneur Andrew Stern, who was featured in Season Two of the reality show Millionaire Matchmaker and then later proposed to and married America's Next Top Model contestant Katie Cleary, committed suicide on Sunday, June 22, 2014. is also alleging that Stern's suicide was motivated by a combination of marital problems with Cleary as well as a bout with depression stemming from rumors that his wife had been flirting and socializing with Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier while attending the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

The reality is, because Stern is now deceased, no one will ever know what truly motivated this man to take his own life. For all we know, his business could have been experiencing financial problems, or he may have been depressed that his wife had informed him that she was planning on divorcing him. Until some documented evidence is revealed, everything will be categorized as speculation.

One thing that is apparent from Stern's suicide is that being a millionaire businessman and marrying a beautiful, sexy woman does not necessarily equal a life full of indefinite happiness and/or true love. Wealth and career success never has, and never will attract genuine romantic or sexual interest from women. All fame, wealth and social status does is attract women who are looking for financial assistance, financial support, and an easy going lifestyle. In other words, 'status climbers' and 'gold diggers.'

The problem with marrying a gold digger is simply this: If you are a man earning ten million dollars per year, you are only going to maintain that gold digger's interest as long as no other men who are earning more money than you put in a bid to elevate your materialistic spouse or romantic companion to a higher quality lifestyle. The minute a man who is earning fifty million dollars per year makes a move on your woman, kiss her goodbye. That new man will hold her interest until she is approached by a new and different suitor who is earning one hundred million dollars per year.

Same goes for fame and popularity. If you are a man, and it is your degree of notoriety that is the #1 factor that attracted a particular woman to you ... guess what? The moment a man flirts with your new girlfriend who has earned more public esteem, recognition, and visibility than you have, BUH BYE. That woman will be out of your life in a matter of days, weeks, or months.

Being objective, it is not just women who are shallow and superficial. This is why many women do not care for men who place too much emphasis on a woman's degree of beauty and sex appeal. These women know the moment a man who places too much emphasis on a woman's "outer package" meets a woman who he perceives as "hotter" and "sexier" than his current wife or girlfriend, he is either going to leave her ... or at minimum, he is going to cheat on her.

Assuming the rumors of Cleary flirting with popular Entertainment Industry male celebrities is valid, and that is indeed what significantly contributed to Stern's decision to end his own life, one can only conclude that it is never healthy to allow yourself to become "too in love" with a particular man or woman. Anytime a male friend of yours says, "The sun of my life rises and sets with her," this is a warning sign that your buddy is way too emotionally invested in one woman. Happiness should never be something you derive from someone else. Happiness is something you share with someone else.

In conclusion, ask yourself . . . how would you react if photos of your wife or husband flirting with someone else became public?

Would you be angry? Bitter? Depressed? Disappointed? Other?

Always remember: no reaction on your part is 'automatic.' As human beings, we can always CHOOSE our response to any scenario or situation.

This column offers condolences to the family and friends of Andrew Stern.

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