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'The Americans': Paige visits Aunt Helen

What will Elizabeth do if Paige discovers the truth?
Michael Loccisano/Getty

Things are heating up for both Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings. Not only are they struggling with their jobs as Soviet spies in the 1980s, they are are also struggling with parenting issues that their double lives only complicate. In the latest episode of FX's series, “The Americans,” which aired on March 12, Paige Jennings increases the pressure her parents are feeling by visiting her Aunt Helen.

Paige, portrayed by Holly Taylor, is growing suspicious of her parents. At first she thought either her father or mother was having an affair. Now, she thinks something else is going on. Those suspicions compelled the teen to visit her Aunt Helen.

As Paige is making the trip to her aunt's home, Elizabeth and Phillip share their fears for the safety of Paige and Henry, their son. Without real relatives in the United States and no close friends, due to their occupations, they do not what would happen to their children if something should happen to them. Seeing both of their children are getting older, the thought of the children discovering their secret must weigh heavy on their minds and hearts.

Paige arrives at her Aunt Helen's home. The woman pretends she doesn't know who she is. She calls her “Shelly,” the name of her daughter that passed away. This leads Paige to believe the woman is suffering from some sort of dementia or memory loss.

Aunt Helen is sharper than she appears. She calls the Jennings' home, telling Phillip about her visitor. He appears to be calm, but his voice lets Paige know how upset he is to know she visited her aunt. He makes it clear she is not to visit again and that she is to stay home.

Fans of “The Americans” must be wondering what kind of trouble Paige's suspicions can get her and her family into. If she continues to question her parents' lives, could that put them all in danger? If their true identities are discovered, will they be forced to return to the Soviet Union? Fans will have to watch next week to see what will happen next. The next episode of “The Americans” will air on March 19 on FX.

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