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The American Pit Bull Foundation and their breed responsibility campaign

Samuel is a loving goofball who is 2 years old. He will do well as an only dog in a home. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchippes
Samuel is a loving goofball who is 2 years old. He will do well as an only dog in a home. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchippes

As support continues to grow for the American underdog, Charlotteans are taking responsible pet ownership to a whole new level.

Official logo for the Charlotte-based group

Newly launched and strongly supported, the American Pit Bull Foundation is on a mission to bring the Pit Bull breed back to its roots as the all American Family dog. The group’s ambitious effort is aimed at both holding owners accountable for their actions and helping them make better decisions when it comes to the responsibility and compassion needed to be a good dog owner.

The official mission of the American Pit Bull Foundation, (APBF) is to promote responsible breed ownership through providing owner and public education, positive alternatives to pit fighting, programs to endorse and recognize responsible breed ownership, provide medical and financial assistance for dogs with responsible owners and to aid in adoption of Pit Bulls to responsible individuals or families.

APBF will be hosting an introductory meet and greet at BlackFinn Saloon in uptown Charlotte on Thursday, June 3rd. Individuals are welcome to join the meeting at 6pm, or stop in with general questions afterwards until 10pm. Representatives will be there to talk about the various community programs that APBF is heading up, as well as taking nominations for the board positions currently open with the group.

APBF is also dedicated, as a non-profit based organization, to operate transparently when it comes to funding. The way the founder sees it, public support keeps the group running and the public should be entitled to know where their donations are going. Donators can choose which project, event, or specific dog they wish to benefit with the Sponsorship program offered through APBF.

The American Pit Bull Foundation has joined forces with Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control to help decrease the number of Pit Bulls that enter the shelter, with spaying and neutering, and keeping adoptable Pit Bulls from being euthanized.

There are many avenues APBF supporters can choose from to support the group; becoming a member, volunteering services, joining the Dollar Difference Fund, being a foster parent, working on the board, fundraising, and helping with administrative duties, to name a few.

Responsible ownership through education, programming and assistance; APBF is making more than waves in the dog world.

For more information, visit the American Pit Bull Foundation facebook page, visit the official site at, read the page FAQs, and/or email


  • Tracy Hensley 5 years ago

    Congratulations Sara! I will try to make it to the BlackFinn on Tuesday, but I am certainly interested in voluteering for a fantastic organization. I have shared this on my Facebook Page.

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