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The American Idol Experience is closing sooner than originally announced

A performer warms up the audience
A performer warms up the audience
Paula Kennedy

In June, 2014 Walt Disney World announced that The American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios was going to close in January, 2015. The final date has been moved up by several months. Now the last day for the attraction is scheduled to be Saturday, August 30, 2014. There will be four shows daily for the remaining days. They will be held at 3:15pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and the championship show will be held daily at 7:00pm.

The American Idol Experience first opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios on February 14, 2009. It is a show where park guests audition for a chance to compete in front of a live audience made up of other park guests. In most shows three guests compete, and the audience votes on who will make it to the final show of the night. The winners of the shows then compete against each other. The winner of the finale receives "The Dream Ticket", which allows the holder to skip the line at an audition for the American Idol television show that airs on Fox.

There is no word on what the space that currently houses The American Idol Experience will be used for in the future. There are rumors that a new Star Wars themed land is going to be announced in 2015, but there is no official confirmation from Disney. In the past the theater has been the home of "Superstar Television" and "Doug Live!".

Several past The American Idol Experience Dream Ticket winners have gone on to become finalists on the American Idol television show. They include Season 13 finalists Ben Briley, Emily Piriz, and Majesty Rose.