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The American farm and farm life emotes simplicity and the Puritan work ethic

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During the first years of the republic children grew up on the American family farm. They helped maintain that family farm. They learned what has been called the Puritan work ethic and they were a valuable component in keeping the family farm running.

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The American family farm offered a simple life. The work was difficult, the clutter of city life was non-existent, The value to society transcended the value of the food produced by the family farm. The value produced by the family farm extended to the character of the children who grew to be hard working Americans. These children grew up respecting the value of a days work well done. That more city children could experience the joy of farm life.

The growth of industrialization, at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, moved hundreds of thousands from the American family farm to the city. Nevertheless farm life remains an important component of American society. Maybe this series of photographs will inspire you to take your city children to visit a farm in your area.
Photography is not the primary expertise for the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner but here is hoping that you enjoy this series of photographs of farms from across this land we call America.

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