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The American family and identity politics

A host of social change has confronted the American family over the last 50-60 years, change that has had an impact on its unity and stability. An example would be no fault divorce coupled with identity politics. Identity politics is a thought process that caters to the individual group's identity and characteristics and has had a significant effect on family unity. Identity politics has also affected the moral compass of America, affecting families, with moral issues such as homosexuality and feminism. Identity politics has contributed to the passing of abortion laws in America as well as the petitioning of American Psychiatric Association (APA) for the removal of homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which details conditions and provides the criteria used for classify mental disorders. Nineteen seventy-two brought no new scientific revelations about homosexuality; it only brought activism by homosexuals that led to homosexuality being removed from the DSM. Identity politics.
An example of the drawbacks of identity politics would include the harm done to homosexuals, the individuals who are deceived by the very movement that is supposedly there to support and help them. The gay mafia, or the organizations and bureaucracies that are attempting to mainstream homosexual activity deny the truths about the treatability of homosexuality. This denial has several consequences both beneficial and detrimental to the gay community, however, not necessarily to the individuals within the community. It enables the homosexual movement to gain sympathy from non-gays a benefit for the movement. Additionally, this same sympathy is a detriment to the individuals, It allows them to ignore taking responsibility for acting on their SSA feelings juxtapose this to those individuals who are not happy with their SSA (same sex attraction) who feel trapped with no way out. This misrepresentation of the facts is not fair to those who want to change, and there are those who are not happy and want to change. Identity politics also leads to discrimination. Ex-homosexuals are possibly the most discriminated against group. The acknowledgement of the existence of ex-homosexuals would negate most of the homosexual movement's justification for equality. At the end of the day regardless of the claims about the origin of homosexuals “feelings” SSA, they have to choose to act on that feeling. Homosexuality is about a behavior not an innate trait, such as skin color.
A Women only titled “Jamaican Attorney” in the video “Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda” states “There is no human rights based on behavior. All people are equal, but not all types of behaviors are equal”
All people are equal; each one of us has value regardless of our behavior. This value is regardless of who we are or what we do. In today’s society, with identity politics an emphasis on group achievement, individual rights, personal success and recognition, we have forgotten that we have value regardless of any of our behaviors. We all have intrinsic value.
In defense of the gay community and its supporters, society and sadly Christians, at times, do not recognize the intrinsic value that humans have. Christians, who have been given grace by God almighty, do not pass the unwarranted love and forgiveness forward. Not to say that the behavior should be overlooked. As a result, the gay community and its supporters advocate for the acceptance of harmful behavior in part because society has forced the community to find extrinsic value because they are denied the intrinsic value that all humans have.
People let us remember to show everybody the value he or she have. A value not based on their income bracket, the title of their job, the clothes they wear or personal choices they make. A value based on being a wonderfully and fearfully

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