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The American Dream: President Obama's job plan

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, President Obama will be presenting his plan to increase jobs in America.

An approach that has been ignored by both our political and business leaders may well be the answer to the unemployment, underemployment and the dismal pay conditions endured by many Americans. What if President Obama were to demand a repatriation of the tens of millions of jobs, the thousands of factories and the complete industries that have been exported, for a profit, to foreign countries? He could propose a series of tax and work incentives for American businessmen and workers that encourage them to rebuild America’s capacity to produce many of the goods we import from foreign countries. Things like clothing, shoes, televisions, electronics, steel, manufactured wares, furniture and a host of other products used to provide gainful, living wages for many Americans. Obama could logically conclude that these items of everyday use represent the majority of consumer purchases and Americans should be directly involved in their production. Obama could opine this plan would set in motion a revitalization of American industry by simply producing what we use as a Nation and, thereby, break our reliance on foreigners for the products we need and the financing we can longer provide.

The President would claim that "free trade" and globalism has not only structurally harmed employment and opportunity in the USA, but it has created a cumulative trade deficit of more than 8 trillion dollars since 1975. He would state that America has been an annual loser in the "free trade" business which historically illustrates that unfair free trade does not benefit the USA or her workers. Obama would announce it is time we free ourselves from the shackles of reliance and, once again, produce for our own needs. He would announce it will be great for America to become self-sufficient and independent again.

Obama would state that this simple action of producing for our own needs would restore living wage jobs and business opportunities for every American who desires to improve their lives. He would caution that American production is more expensive than foreign made items and the cost of goods and services will increase as Americans return to work. Wages will increase, prices will rise and inflation will result. Obama would argue the living wage jobs, the increased opportunities and expanded economic participation will far outweigh the effects of inflation. In conclusion, Obama would claim that the inflationary pressure would be instrumental in reducing the National Debt which had been the Federal Reserve’s goal in increasing the money supply so drastically in recent years. America wins in every possible way!

If the idea of restoring American jobs, promoting financial stability, paying living wages, becoming self-sufficient, erasing the National Debt and remaining a sovereign Nation sounds a bit like a dream, then let’s call it the American Dream. If President Obama, our political leaders and our business leaders are blind to American production, then I echo the battle cry of a once formidable candidate who proclaimed “Yes we can”. For more information on restoring American jobs, visit www.SOS-SaveOurSovereignty.US and sign the petition at .


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