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The American Dream in Action

Auto Concierge Service will take the stress out of your life when you're stranded.
Auto Concierge Service will take the stress out of your life when you're stranded.

When Fernando Rivera founded Express Auto Mobile Mechanic Auto Repairs 20 years ago, he had no idea the amount of lives he would be impacting for the better. He simply wanted to make an honest living doing what he loved as a first generation American. Fernando's family moved to this country from Honduras just over 50 years ago and he took the proper steps to become a successful entrepreneur in that time, opening his mobile automotive repair business in 1986.

Even though Fernando is successful and runs his vehicle repair concierge service with five trucks that will accommodate any request 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the real feel-good story lies behind the scenes with the technicians Fernando trains. He single-handedly takes struggling immigrants under his wing and gives them the chance to achieve the American Dream by showing them how to repair cars. He recently trained two Iraqi's, and a Liberian who are now qualified to fix automobiles and make a living helping others who are having car troubles. He even went as far as training a battered woman who escaped abuse from another country so she would have hope and a chance at a new life in America.

Fernando's latest trailblazing moves allows clients to have expert Express Auto technicians on-call 24/7, who can repair most vehicles on-site. Members of the Auto Concierge Service will also receive a free vehicle inspection before embarking on a trip for only $19.95 a month.

“This new concierge service will provide peace of mind for Valley motorists,” said Fernando Rivera, father of twins. “No matter the day or time, if you need your vehicle repaired, we’ll come to you and fix whatever problem you’re having. If you’re a parent, you can rest assured if your child is stranded by vehicle problems Express Auto will be there to fix it.”

One of Rivera's customer's, Matt Jimenez shares, “Between work and family it’s hard to have our vehicles in the mechanic’s shop, sometimes waiting a hour or more for them to fix it. With Express Auto, I call them while I am at work and they come right over. I have had them do everything from an oil change to replace my brakes. My technician was fast and friendly. Express Auto is a huge time saver.”

The fact that Fernando shows humility, and compassion by training immigrants new to the United States, and offers such a tremendously helpful service to families and seniors who are either pressed for time, or have lost faith in mechanics truly shows that there are still honest, hard-working humanitarians in this world. For more information about Express Auto please visit:

About Express Auto
Fernando Rivera founded Express Auto in 1986, and since then has offered reliable, trustworthy automotive services on a mobile basis to both large commercial and small consumer clients. Mobile service decreases downtime for commercial businesses and offers convenience for consumers. Express Auto can be found at, or call 602-374-5381.

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