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The American Divide

While on social media, I was confronted by an individual who stated, “Black America, African Americans … those two descriptors are divisive. It creates a mindset of non-inclusion. It should be simply America or Americans. For a supposed classless society, you Americans sure like to segregate yourselves. All that fighting for freedom, only to put yourselves in a verbal cage.”

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The concepts of everyone holding hands, getting along, and living in one nation is a good concept that I wish we all would embrace, but when you live in a capitalist society that promotes individualism and the stockpile of capital wealth through exploitation and segregation, not to mention, when you "currently" apply for a job, you are asked if you are Black, White, Hispanic, or Other, you have to study the tradition of separatism in American society. As irritated as you are in understanding why people living in America don’t just call themselves Americans, and only speak English, you have to understand how frustrating it is for those who live in America, whom are systematically being disenfranchised or excluded from the “American Dream.”

There are certain aspects of American history that one first must understand. Yes, the foundation of the American economic system is based on capitalism. What were the moral rules or guidelines of this capitalist economic system? Many would argue that there is a big difference between capitalist economics and the social outlooks within a society. The social outlook of the newly founded capitalist American society, in 1776 was this. Most whites believed they were superior to people of color. White males who owned property were considered themselves to be a better judge, concerning political matters, than those whom did not own property, (in regards to white males). In many cases, blacks were considered as property, and surely not as capable or equal beings. For this very reason, all the wonderful things you read about in the American Constitution were not freedoms which were granted to all. Many of these freedoms were not specially written for “All men”. You have to remember, Blacks Natives (Indians), and other people of color were not considered men. Many of the people who founded America looked at people of color as property, and surely not as equal men. They even had a hard time looking at poor “white serfs” as equal men, so the words in the US Constitution are very misleading, in regards to “All Men”.

The educational system in America reflected this reality. Many men and women sacrificed their lives for people of color, living in America, to be legally educated, so to think that the educational system shifted for “all” to value a unilateral American front, would be very naive. The education of white race superiority manifested its way throughout the American educational system for generations. People of color were not only left out the “American Dream”, which is why so many people of color don’t value American capitalist economics today, they were educated to devalue themselves as being property and servants. Not as contributors to the human evolution. So when individuals like Marcus Garvey and other former leaders preached that blacks living in America, and abroad, should have a sense of self pride, and should educate themselves about the contributions of blacks throughout American and Universal society, they should not take on the blame for the separation of American society, American society was founded on separation and divide through the laws and policies of its leaders, and its social temperament among its citizens in the majority. Leaders like W.E.B DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Carter G. Woodson and so on, were establishing the fact that blacks had contributed to the development of the human evolution and that they were humans who deserved to be treated with equality, within American society. They focused on building self-pride and unification among the broken and battered, within a segregated, racist, and unjust American society.

So as much as it irritates some when they see titles like Black Colleges and Universities, or Black history month, and so on, they forget that those aspects of American society are true representations of American history highlighting racism and segregation. To eliminate black institutions and the study of the contributions of the people of color throughout American and universal history, just so the term American can be unilateral and not race specific, would be an injustice to all the people who were denied access to the American Dream, but worked hard and were self-reliant enough to create those educational institutions, and those historical pipelines of information, which were intentionally hidden from people of color for years. Instead of asking Blacks to stop using terms such as Black college’s etc., one would think it would be more fitting for American society to accept those terms as part of her history and culture.

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