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The AMC Dine-In Theatres make their mark in the Brandywine Valley

Recliners at the AMC Dine Theatres Cinema Suites
Recliners at the AMC Dine Theatres Cinema Suites

Going to the movie theater to see that flick we’ve been waiting to see while noshing on popcorn and soda is a quintessential American experience. However, in the 21st century, the movie going experience has evolved and a whole new way to take in a movie has finally hit the Brandywine Valley. AMC Painters Crossing 9 is now an AMC Dine-In Movie Theatre, and it is an experience like none other.

From the minute you walk into the lobby here at AMC Painters Crossing, you can immediately feel that this is going to be a different movie watching experience. And different in a good way. The first thing you will see is a bar, called MacGuffin’s, right in the lobby, filled with people just like you waiting for your movie to start.

Tickets, just like any other theater, can be purchased online but what sets the AMC Dine-In Theatres apart is that there is assigned seating. Yes, that is correct. Just like buying tickets to a sporting event or a concert, you purchase what seats you want ahead of time. This gets rid of any confusion of trying to find seats in a dark theater if you happen to arrive late.

Here at Painters Crossing, 7 Fork & Screen theaters and 2 Cinema Suites separate the AMC Dine-In Theatre’s 9 screens. You can eat and drink to your heart’s content in all 9. The difference, however, is that the Fork & Screen theaters are for all ages. The Cinema Suites are for adults 21 and over and contain plush recliner seats. Taking in a movie at the theater in a recliner with a drink in hand is an experience that is very 2014. You can check ahead of time what movie is in what kind of theater.

Once you are seated, it’s time to order the food and drink and this isn’t just any standard movie fare. This is an extensive menu of everything from gourmet entrees to huge burgers and massive desserts. The drink list is huge as well, serving a long list of cocktails as well as wines and beers, including local craft brews.

Once you make the trip to the Brandywine Valley to the new AMC Dine-In Theatre at Painters Crossing, you may not want to experience the movies any other way. The Dine-In Theaters, along with the Movie Tavern theaters around the country, are changing the “dinner and a movie” concept by combining both in one. And it is a concept that has been embraced by young and old alike.