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The Amazing Spider-Man Viral Marketing: Oscorp wants you!

The Amazing Spider-Man movie poster

Are you ready to become the next Oscorp intern? Well today is your chance to show off your knowledge to Dr. Connors and all of Oscorp. This week more viral marketing was released for The Amazing Spider-Man movie which comes out July 3, 2012. You can find out more at Oscorp Industries. Here we get to watch a video featuring Dr. Connors asking you to join Oscorp in its next big adventure: The Study of Reptiles. This is a recruitment video for interns who care to take a ride at Oscorp. Along with this video we get to see if we are fit to become the next big thing at Oscorp. It all starts off at the Animal Dynamics Lab section. Here you will get to test your skills in this game of connect the dots or chemical bonding as they call it. It is a fun way to dive into the world of Oscorp and see if you can crack the code.

Here at the Animal Dynamics Lab page they state what their intentions are with us the interns. Here, you will master the fundamentals of genetics, chemical reactions, and bioengineering under the strict tutelage of Dr. Curtis Connors. His name is almost as legendary as his work... and his work is revolutionary. Your efforts in the animal dynamics lab are crucial to the success of Dr. Connors’ latest initiative.


I have only gotten to the sixth stage within the sequence. Who knows what exactly happens when you reach the end. But I’m sure it will lead us into the world of The Amazing Spider-Man and Oscorp Industries. This is one viral marketing campaign that will be fun while learning more about Oscorp and what they have in store for us when The Amazing Spider-Man movie drops this July. Let us know how far you get in the chemical bonding section. Let us know if you have what it takes to become an intern at Oscorp. I’m sure you might find Dr. Connors latest project “The Lizard” lurking around you within the labs at Oscorp. Happy trails all you interns out there and break the code!

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