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'The Amazing Spider Man 2' and 'The Quiet Ones' arrive on DVD

By now, most people know that new DVDs and Blu-rays are released on Tuesdays. Before spending hard earned cash, research and make sure the film is worth a purchase or if it should be rented. And remember, a talented actor does not always equal a brilliant film. Sadly, this is something I still have trouble grasping from time to time as well.

Still of Jared Harris as Professor Joseph Coupland and Olivia Cooke as Jane Harper in 'The Quiet Ones'

The two biggest film releases today include "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and "The Quiet Ones." Both were films I longed to see in theaters, but sadly did not get a chance to see. With that said, I will provide a brief synopsis of each films and a few snippets from reviews to help make your shopping experience a good one.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

There are not many Marvel films I have missed over the past few years in theaters. In fact, I can count them on one hand. Due to unforeseen circumstances it was not in the cards for me to be able to view "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." What made not being able to view the film even worse was hearing that I was not missing much. Sequels can be rather tricky in the superhero world. They either add to the lead character or they become filler films until the third one arrives in theaters two years later.

In this sequel, Peter Parker ponders a great internal battle within himself. Should he allow himself to live his own life or should he be the superhero that New York desperately seeks? This seems to be the common thread of every good superhero movie franchise at some point or another. While Peter is learning more about himself, he also begins to ponder who if those around him are his friends or his foes, and just what, if any, are their connections to Oscorp. Typical Spidey drama.

The film, of course, includes an extremely talented cast including Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Fields, and Jamie Foxx. Despite having a talented cast, the general consensus is that there was too much going on within the feature. Most critics have come to the conclusion there were too many characters floating about the film and a lack of narrative to keep the "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" as brilliant as its predecessor.

Despite reviews such as Wesley Lovell's review, for Cinema Sight, which states, "Another lesson on why introducing too many villains dilutes the richness of detail available when focusing on one. A delightful reboot diminished in its second act," "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is probably a safe bet for purchase this week for the majority of Marvel and Spider-Man fans alike. There's a small chance hardcore fans will absolutely hate the feature and most people will want to own it for their Marvel and Spider-Man collection immediately.

Bare in mind, not all reviews for the film were negative. Mark Hughes (Forbes), writes, "If the previous installment was a bit darker and more somber, this one retains some of that edge but then injects a massive dose of pure comic book joy. This is what a Spider-Man movie would look like if Marvel Studios made it," providing a bit of hope for the reboot's sequel.

"The Quiet Ones"

The main movies that have truly frightened me over the years are well told ghost stories and most films about possession. The tricky part of a good possession film is to take from the past and add something new. I have noticed over the past couple of years that most films are trying too hard to repeat the success of "The Exorcist."

With that being said reviews have me wondering if "The Quiet Ones" fall into "The Exorcist" trap. The film takes place in an estate outside of London where a professor and a team of students begin to run an experiment on a young girl, Jane Harper. The events that they uncover are supposed to be truly terrifying due to the dark nature of her secrets.

The film has a talented cast including Jared Harris, Sam Clafin, known for his role of Finnick Odair in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", and Olivia Cooke, who can be seen on A&E's The Bates Motel. With these talents alone, and after reading numerous reviews, in addition to review snippets, I would venture to say a rental is order to determine if the film is one's cup of tea before purchasing the feature.

In fact, "The Quiet Ones" does not have many positive reviews. One of the more positive reviews is James Rocchi's of review who writes, "'The Quiet Ones' is rated PG-13, but it's scarier than R-rated gorefests, like 'Proxy,' 'Nurse 3D,' and 'American Mary.' Anyone can create disgust; creating slowly-building disquiet is entirely another proposition." However, Ernest Hardy (Village Voice) confirms my fear by voicing, "Unfortunately, it's all very familiar and somewhat tediously played out."

While one should never judge a book by its cover, be cautious with your decision to purchase and rent this one first. As I said earlier, though, if "The Quiet Ones" is a film that interests you check it out no matter what the reviews say.

Finally, other movies out on shelves this week are "Fading Gigolo," "Only Lovers Left Alive," and "The Sacrament."

Please keep in mind, if you are interested in renting any of these films, make sure to check out this title through Videodrome, Netflix, Redbox, or on demand channels provided by your cable or satellite provider.

To purchase any Blu-rays or DVDs mentioned in this article please check out your local Austell Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or Kmart.

Enjoy your rentals and purchases this week fellow movie lovers!

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