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'The Amazing Race' winner: Who won the 24th season?

Phil Keoghan
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

"The Amazing Race" ended the 24th season tonight. Some fans might have missed the episode due to it being opposite the big 2014 Billboard Music Awards. On Sunday, The Hollywood Life shared about the big finale and who won it all this year. It all ended this season in Las Vegas.

Dave and Connor O’Leary were the big winners of the show. This was a father and son who got to spend a lot of quality time together during this season of the show. Their lives are now changed by ending up the big winners of the season. They beat Brendon and Rachel from "Big Brother" and Caroline and Jen at the end. It was a fight to the finish but they were able to pull it off and be the first to finish the race back in Las Vegas.

A lot of fans of Brendon and Rachel were expecting them to win it. They are very competitive and did a great job making it to the end but were just not able to pull off a big win. It would be really shocking if this was the last that viewers see of Rachel and Brendon on reality TV. You know they are coming back sometime.

Connor went to his Twitter right after "The Amazing Race" to share about the big win. He said, "My old man and I pulled it off! We just won the @AmazingRace_CBS! #AmazingRace." Rachel has not been updating her fans on Twitter for a while. It was a great finale tonight.

"The Amazing Race" has ended its 24th season. Things went great and it has already been renewed for season 25. It will be coming back to CBS. They have changed the night of the show but it is coming back again and viewers should be ready for it. This is a long time for any show to run and they are able to keep the viewers coming back.

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