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'The Amazing Race All Stars' Recap: Snow, dogs, and an accidental alliance

The Amazing Race All Stars Recap
Photo by Valerie Macon

We are down to the Top 5 in “The Amazing Race All Stars.” As tonight’s episode (originally airing April 27, 2014) gets underway Rachel & Brendon are the first team to depart. The clue tells them that they will have to take a train to Switzerland then drive to a specific location and meet someone dressed like Wilhelm Tell.

As the teams head for the train station, Dave & Connor are still steaming about being U-turned during the last leg. They, along with Leo & Jamal and Caroline & Jennifer, form an alliance sworn to getting revenge Rachel & Brendon out of the race. Jet and Cord get lost and have to take a later train, but a delay at the Wilhelm Tell location allows them to catch up. All of the teams get a clue that has them drive to the next location. Rachel & Brendon take a wrong turn and end up at the wrong location while the rest of the teams arrive at the clue box together.

For the first challenge the teams must travel to a nice hotel, select a room that has been trashed by a rock star, and then clean the room to exacting standards. The other four teams are all working on their rooms when Brendon & Rachel arrive. All of the teams struggle getting the room just right. Eventually, Jet and Cord finish first, followed by Leo & Jamal and Dave & Connor. Caroline & Stephanie finish next leaving Rachel & Brendon the last team stuck cleaning.

At the next challenge, the teams must answer a question then choose a classic Ford Mustang. They must use a series of road signs and an equation to figure out what year the car they have chosen is. Back at the hotel Rachel & Brendon finish cleaning and are on their way.

Jet and Cord finish the second challenge first then they get to drive their chosen car to the next location. Caroline & Jennifer struggle and are still working on the car challenge when Brendon & Rachel arrive. Leo & Jamal stay back and help the girls so they can move on and leave Brendon & Rachel behind.

At the next challenge one member from each team must use a work dog to pull a small cart that has milk cans in it. They have to transport empty cans up a moutain to a location, exchange them for full cans, and return with the full, heavy cans. Connor does the challenge for his team while Cord does it for his. Leo does the challenge for his team while Brendon does it for his. Caroline does the task for her team. She slips and falls on the ice hurting herself, but she sticks it out and keeps going.

As the teams make their way through the snow, Connor takes the lead, but Cord has a faster dog and catches up to him so The Cowboys end up finishing the challenge first. The clue gives them directions to the next pit stop. Dave & Connor finish the challenge right behind them with Leo & Jamal right on their heels and Rachel & Brendon not far behind. Jennifer & Caroline fall behind and are bringing up the rear.

At the pit stop the teams must ride a gondola to the top of a mountain and find Phil. Three teams end up sharing a gondola. It is going to be a three way footrace to the finish mat. Dave & Conner took the correct path out of the gondola stop and end up at the mat first. For coming in first they both get a new 2015 Ford Mustang. The Cowboys are right behind them followed immediately by Leo & Jamal. Rachel and Brenden come in fourth. Caroline & Jennifer come in a distance fifth, but learn that this is a non-elimination leg so they will live to race at least one more leg.

As this episode of “The Amazing Race All Stars” comes to an end, Caroline & Jennifer celebrate their lifeline and hope that this is a sign that they are meant to win the race.

Recapping the finishing order:
Dave & Connor – 1st
Cord & Jet – 2nd
Leo & Jamal – 3rd
Rachel & Brenden – 4th
Caroline & Jennifer – 5th

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