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'The Amazing Race All Stars' recap: Gladiators, chariots, and stairs

The Amazing Race All Stars Recap
The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

After last week’s non-elimination leg of “The Amazing Race All-Stars” there were still seven teams alive and racing going into tonight’s (originally airing Apr. 13, 2014) episode of the hit reality racing show. Leo & Jamal finished the previous leg first so they are the first to depart with Jet & Cord right behind them. The first clue sends the teams to Rome, Italy.

All the teams end up on the same flight so the race began in Rome on even ground where the teams scrambled for taxis and headed to the first detour. At the detour the teams must decide to either battle like a gladiator or race a remote control horse chariot. As the teams choose which detour they want to do, Caroline & Jennifer receive their speed bump. They must go to one location, find a typewriter, and then deliver it to a different location.

Most of the teams choose to do the chariot side challenge, but Jessica & John do the gladiator challenge. Jessica did well, but John struggled. Meanwhile, at the chariots, it was getting crowded which made it very difficult for the teams to drive their chariots. Leo & Jamal left and decided to try the gladiator challenge. Jennifer & Caroline finish up their speed bump at the same time Jessica & John finish the gladiator challenge.

With the clue in hand, Jessica & John head to their next location, but have a little misunderstanding with their taxi driver. Brendon & Rachel are the first team to finish the chariot challenge while the other teams continue to struggle. Dave & Conner and Jet & Cord both finish the chariot challenge just as Jennifer & Caroline arrive. The Globetrotters then finish the chariot challenge while Leo & Jamal work on the gladiator challenge.

Thinking they are in last place, Caroline & Jennifer finish the chariot challenge, but in reality Leo & Jamal are stuck at the gladiator challenge. Across town, Jessica & John are lost on their way to the road block so Brendon & Rachel are the first team to arrive there. For this challenge, one member must climb the famous Spanish steps, count the number of steps, and then decipher some Roman numerals and multiple the number of steps by that number to come up with a date. Brendon does the challenge for his team and immediately begins struggling.

Further back, Leo & Jamal finish up the gladiator challenge and move on. At the road block, Brendon finds someone who can help him decode the roman numerals he must use in the challenge. Still lost, Jessica & John abandoned their cab driver to look for a hotel where they can get information. After some searching, they find a hotel and use their computer to find where they need to go. The help Brendon received paid off brilliantly as he used that information to finish the challenge so he and Rachel could head to the pit stop.

Jet & Cord and The Globetrotters also had some serious troubles finding the location of the road block. As they, along with Jessica & John, gathered information Brendon & Rachel reach the pit stop and finish first. For coming in first they win a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Back at the stairs, Dave was doing the challenge for his team, but is struggling with the Roman numerals. Working together, Dave and Caroline finished the road block at the same time while Leo & Jamal join the list of those who are lost looking for the road block.

At the pit stop, Jennifer & Caroline finished second with Dave & Connor third. Back at the stairs, Jet used his cowboy charm to get a couple of women to help him with the Roman numerals so he finished the challenge pretty quickly. Flight Time is not having any luck so he started asking various people in the area for help. Meanwhile, The Cowboys arrived at the pit stop fourth. They still have the express pass which they must use on the next leg.

Flight Time struggled mightily with the road block. He doesn’t understand that he has to decode the Roman numerals so he just kept recounting the stairs. As he counted, Leo & Jamal and Jessica & John arrived. Jamal and John did the challenge for their teams. Jamal found a woman to help him and finished quickly. The Afghanimals struck a deal with the other two teams to give them the answer in exchange for their promising to not U-turn them in the future. The teams agreed and it became a three way race to the pit stop.

At the pit stop, Leo & Jamal arrived mere seconds before The Globetrotters and Jessica & John. They and Phil watched from the mat as Jessica & John and the Globetrotters had a footrace. In the end, Leo & Jamal finished fifth, The Globetrotters finished sixth, and Jessica & John finished last and were eliminated. As this episode of “The Amazing Race All-Stars” came to an end, John told Phil how lucky he is to have Jessica in his life while Phil remarked that this season has seen more close finishes than any other previous season. It looks like we are in for a wild ride to the finish line.

Recapping the finishing order:
Brendon & Rachel – 1st
Jennifer & Caroline – 2nd
Dave & Connor – 3rd
Jet & Cord – 4th
Leo & Jamal – 5th
The Globetrotters – 6th
Jessica & John – 7th and eliminated

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