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'The Amazing Race All Stars' recap: Fishing, sewing and a crazy cab ride

The Amazing Race All Stars Recap
The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

As the new episode of "The Amazing Race All Stars" (originally airing March 23, 2014) kicks off, The Cowboys (Jet and Cord) are happy to be the first team to leave the pit stop. They find that they must fly to Sri Lanka. All of the teams except for Team Brenchel (Brendon and Rachel) and Team Mom and Son (Margie and Luke) make the direct flight. Team Brenchel take a risk and try an alternate flight with a very short layover while Team Mom and Son take the risk of their own by trying to get a seat on the direct flight through standby.

Team Brenchel races through the airport and barely make their connection. Because of the risk, they end up being the first team to arrive in Sri Lanka while Team Mom and Son don’t get a seat and have to wait 10 hours for the next flight.

At the first location all the teams but Mom and Son arrive and have to wait for four hours for a temple to open. When the temple opens the racers receive a blessing then must take a train to the next location.

After departing the train, the teams experience a crazy cab ride through the crowded streets then arrive at the first detour where they can choose between fishing in the ocean using a traditional pole or performing a traditional dance. To complete the fishing challenge both team members must catch a fish. To complete the dance challenge both team members must learn a dance while simultaneously spinning something that looks like a big Frisbee.

The teams split up with some trying either challenge. Team Father and Son (Dave and Connor) quickly finish the fishing challenge and are on their way. Not far behind them The Globetrotters finish the dancing challenge with The Afghanimals (Leo and Jamal) right on their heels. Jet and Cord are next and finish the fishing challenge leaving Team Couple (Jessica and John) the only team left fishing. In the meantime The Country Girls (Jennifer and Caroline) finish the dance leaving Brenchel the last team at the dance challenge.

Meanwhile Team Mom and Son arrive at the airport well behind everyone else. As they look for a cab, Brenchel finishes the dance challenge and moves on. Team Couple can’t catch a fish so they decide to switch and do the dancing challenge.

Further ahead, the teams start arriving at the road block where one member of each team must use a sewing machine to stitch together a shirt. As the teams settle in for this challenge, Team Couple finishes the dance and moves on.

At the road block, Brenchel hits their speed bump where they must silk screen 15 shirts. Rachel has done this before so they knock out the speed bump quickly. All of the teams are struggling with sewing challenge so Conner and Caroline decide to team up and help each other out. It works for them with Conner the first person to finish a shirt. He and his dad get the next clue which sends them to the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Caroline finishes next and The Country Girls are on their way. Brendon and Jessica decide to work together right as Jet finishes his shirt. Further ahead, Dave and Conner finish this leg of the race first. Phil tells them that as a reward for finishing first they both receive $5,000. Caroline and Jennifer come in second.

Back at the challenge, Leo finishes his shirt while the rest of the teams struggle mightily. Margie and Luke get off the train and get a cab to the first challenge while Jet and Cord arrive at the pit stop and Jessica finishes her shirt.

Big Easy and Brendon are the only two left sewing when Margie and Luke finish the first challenge and make their way towards the sewing challenge. Meanwhile, The Afghanimals arrive at the pit stop. Both Brendon and Big Easy finish their shirts and are on their way to the pit stop.

As the last of the teams check in at the pit stop, Margie and Luke arrive at the sewing challenge. Later, they arrive at the pit stop well after dark and far behind the other teams. As this episode of "The Amazing Race All Stars" comes to an end Margie and Luke are eliminated.

Recap of finishing order:
Dave and Conner – 1st
Jennifer and Caroline – 2nd
Jet and Cord – 3rd
Leo and Jamal – 4th
John and Jessica – 5th
The Globetrotters – 6th
Rachel and Brendon – 7th
Margie and Luke – last and eliminated

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