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'The Amazing Race All Stars' finale recap: And the winning team is...

The Amazing Race Finale Recap
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The finale of "The Amazing Race All Stars" (originally airing Sunday, May 18, 2014) began in England and before the emotional final episode was over history was made. Dave & Connor were the first to depart, but it didn’t matter much as all three of the final teams were on the same flight to the final destination – Las Vegas, Nevada.

Once they were in Las Vegas, all three teams ran to waiting black SUV’s that came with an eerily silent driver who drove them to a location in the desert and had them begin digging a hole. There was some not so friendly banter as the digging progressed. Dave & Connor accused Rachel & Brendon of throwing dirt in their hole while Jennifer & Caroline accused the Brenchels of cutting in line at customs. Rachel took every opportunity throughout the episode to remind us how badly she wanted to win so she could have a baby and that she was willing to do anything it took to win. Whiny Rachel had stayed pretty well hidden for most of this season, but in this finale she was back in full effect.

The groups dug up a wooden box that led them to the MGM Grand where they met master illusionist David Copperfield. Each team selected one member to take part in an escape illusion. They were locked in a box with foot and wrist shackles and had to use a key that was on the ring of at least 50 keys (these keys were the contents of the box they had dug up) to let themselves free.

Dave & Connor finished first with Rachel & Brendon not far behind. Caroline & Jennifer were in third, but still very much in the race. The next clue led the teams to the Neon Boneyard, a neon museum that houses some of Las Vegas’s most famous neon signs. The Brenchels got a slow cab driver and lost time to Dave & Connor who were first to find the clue which had them take a light bulb from a sign then travel to the employee entrance of the Mirage Hotel for their next clue.

Jennifer & Caroline arrived at the museum just as Rachel & Brendon were leaving. Brendon tried to bribe the girls’ cab drive to take them instead, but he wouldn’t do it. Karma, and the slow cab driver, then bit the Brenchels as the country girls quickly got the light bulb and with the help of their great driver arrived first at the Mirage.

This challenge had the teams take a lift up the side of the building to the rooftop sign where they had to replace every light bulb in the sign’s “I” while counting number of bulbs it took. Caroline & Jennifer had a very slight lead over Dave & Connor. When the Brenchels arrived Brendon ran right past the clue box and into the hotel. They wasted a lot of time and were well behind by the time they found the clue and got started.

Dave & Connor finished the challenge first, but the country girls were right on their heels. Their next clue took them Maverick Helicopters in Henderson, Nevada. Both teams arrived at the same time where the clue told them that each team must select one person for this final challenge. That person will suit up and get into the helicopter which will then fly them over the Las Vegas strip. As they fly over, one of the signs on the strip will tell them the location of the final pit stop. Once they find the pit stop’s location the helicopter will fly them there and they will parachute from the helicopter at 10,000 feet. They will land inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where they will find their teammates and all the other teams waiting.

It was very close as Dave and Caroline each did the challenge for their teams. They seemed to spot the sign at about the same time then headed for the jump zone. Pressure was building and emotions were running high as the first person jumped from the helicopter. The two teams were close enough together that second person was in the air jumping before the first was on the ground.

With all the other teams cheering, Dave landed first and he and Connor made their way to the mat and won "The Amazing Race All Stars". Dave was overcome with emotion as he told the story about how just a few years ago Connor was battling cancer then got a blood clot and was in the hospital. They were unsure if he was even going to live. Phil then told them that not only is Dave the oldest person to have every won "The Amazing Race," but they are the first parent and child team to win. Caroline & Jennifer came in a very close second and show some great sportsmanship. They seem like two good people and showed that to the end. The Brenchels finished a distant third.

As the episode ended everyone hugged, tears were shed, and the neon infused skyline of Las Vegas watched it all happen.

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