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The amazing eyes of the astonishing cat

Eye love you
Eye love you
Karla Kirby

Often a feline’s eyes have been used to accelerate fear in scary horror flicks. But every cat owner knows that a cat’s intense stare is completely the opposite. The cat has very beautiful eyes and cat eye care is extremely important.

A feline expresses love through their gorgeous eyes. There powerful gaze is nothing to fear at all. So when your cat stares at you for a long time, then blinks those amazing eyes slowly, it is a cat kiss just for you. You should be flattered. Your cat loves you and regards you as a friend. Try doing the same in return and watch the results. Keep in mind cats’ eyes are also used in romantic films too.

A cat’s eye sight is really far better than that of a human. That astonishing mirror-like reflector is called a nictitating membrane. This remarkable inner eyelid protects the eyes of the cat from harm and from dryness as well. You will always observe that when a cat is ill, this membrane will be a bit closed. This should alert you to call your veterinarian and set up an appointment to have this condition looked into.

You should always study the pupil of your feline friend. A change in size of one of the pupils can frequently be an indication of an inflammation. It can also be a symbol of a kind of a neurologic, disorder known as Horner’s Syndrome. It can also indicate tumors or injuries in the central nervous system.

Cats aren’t completely color blind... They just don’t see them as definitely as human do.
Cats can also see plainly and clearly over long distances. There vision is very unlike ours. There vision will blurry if they are looking at objects right under their dainty noses.
Felines also have nocturnal vision---but they can not see in complete darkness.

Those muscles you observe on their iris surrounding the pupils of their eyes are constructed in such a way that it narrows into a vertical split when they are exposed to bright lights and then open fully when in a quite muted light.

This attribute of the cat may be traced back to their roots when they used it to hunt for food during the dark hours of the night before being domesticated.

Keep your eyes on your cat’s marvelously lovely eyes and if you see anything amiss, call your veterinarian as soon as possible. Those peepers just aren’t beauty objects, cats need them to see.

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