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The amazing creatures of Job

Robotic dinosaur exhibit in Hong Kong
Robotic dinosaur exhibit in Hong Kong
Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images

Some people insist that the Bible especially the Book of Job leaves people wanting more in its dialogue on dinosaurs. This is simply not true. We must first understand that the Bible is foremost God's revelation to man about Himself.

People who attack the Bible, do not attack it because there is no vivid details on many animals. They attack it because they believe dinosaurs are not in it. For example, a octopus, or a robin is not mentioned in the Bible. But no one seems too disturbed by their absence. But when creationists claim that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible, people especially evolutionists go ballistic. They call creationists all kind of names, some vulgar. This is due to the evolutionary philosophy, which tries to place dinosaurs in a prehistoric environment and timetable, that feelings of dismay and bewilderment have occurred.

The Bible is about God interacting with man and dinosaurs which are actually described with amazing imagery in the Bible. In fact, few creatures on this planet enjoy the face time that dinosaurs receive in Scriptures.

The confusion that surfaces is because the word "dinosaur" is not used in the Bible. The King James Version of 1611 was translated before the word "dinosaur" was in the English language. Sir Richard Owen coined the word in 1841, about 230 years after the King James Bible came into print. But even though the word dinosaur was not available to the early translators. other words were used to describe these amazing creatures.

Job mentions some amazing creatures he saw. One such amazing creature was "behemoth" (Job 40:15-24), another was "leviathan" (Job 41:1-31). These two amazing creatures that Job describes in detail in one of the oldest books of the Bible, gives the reader of these two accounts such a vivid description of these creatures. God personally told Job about these two creatures He created. These two creatures, one land dwelling and one ocean dwelling were different from all other creatures that God created.

The Bible does not stop with Job's accounts, but rather reaches far beyond behemoth and leviathan in its dinosaurian content with dragons, unicorns and other creatures. To understand these accounts, we have to unwind some translation philosophies that have damaged our understanding of these amazing creatures.

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