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The amazing benefits of blue solar water

Blue solar water is a powerful healing and cleaning tool. It removes negativity and helps us release fears. Oxygen molecules are almost the same size as the wavelength of blue light so when we breathe, we are breathing blue energy.

Our planet is a blue planet so this is a healing color for us. Since we are almost 90% water, drinking blue water, means our body responds very well to it. The Sun adds energy, vitamins and minerals and purifies.

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Harness healing benefits of the blue color by making blue solar water yourself. Homeopaths use it to make some of their healing formulas. And, color therapists use it to calm nervousness.

How to make blue solar water

  • Use blue bottles or drinking glasses. Any color blue, from light blue to
  • dark blue.
  • Fill with tap water and cover with a non-metallic lid, cork, plastic, cloth wrapped with a rubber band. The purpose is to keep dirt and bugs out.
  • Place in the sun for an hour or more.
  • When done, store in refrigerator.

How to use blue solar water

  • Add small amounts of blue solar water, even one drop, to a glass of regular water. This will solarize it.
  • Add to coffee, tea, cocoa, juice and everything you cook: pasta, soup, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, etc.
  • Add to laundry, bath water, gargle, wash the car and floors with it.
  • Use as treatment for rough/dry skin, large pores, yellowish complexion, red inflamed eyes, and chapped hands. Be careful using it as a cleanse on light hair as it darkens hair.
  • When feeling nervous or anxious have a glass to restore harmonious balance.
  • Small doses every hour have cured diarrhea, dysentery, inflamed and painful stomach and cancerous skin growths.
  • Has been used for insomnia.
  • Use it to relieve sinus problems and colds.
  • Use as treatment for dandruff and bald spots.
  • While traveling, take a small bottle of blue solar water and add one drop to anything you drink.

The only caveat is it slows the metabolism so be sure to drink small amounts and increase gradually. Incorporate it into your daily life and become inspired in other ways to use it. Everything is energized and cleansed when using blue solar water.

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