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The Alternate Routes open for Ingrid Michaelson at the Riviera

The Alternate Roots
The Alternate Roots
The Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes will share their uplifting music style with Chicago on Thursday, April 24, as they open for Ingrid Michaelson at the Riviera Theatre. After only 2 shows, The Alternate Routes have been embraced by Ingrid Michaelson fans. The Chicago show is highly anticipated and is expected to be highlight of the tour.

The song writing duo from Connecticut, comprised of Tim Warren and Eric Donnelley, has been the recipient of the independent song of the year award and has released three albums, as well as toured domestically and internationally. Their current single, “Nothing More," was written at the request of a Connecticut organization called Newtown Kindness. The organization was founded in the memory of Charlotte Bacon, who lost her life in the elementary school tragedy in Sandyhook, Connecticut. In an interview with The Alternate Routes, Tim Warren stated that Even though the song was born out of tradegy, they wanted an upbeat song to encourage and uplift.

Since its release, “Nothing More” has been featured on the season finale of NCIS, and was chosen by NBC Television to close the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi Russia. “Nothing More” has been used by nearly 100 charitable organizations recognizing goodwill, generosity and kindness throughout the world. The Alternate Routes are donating a portion of the proceeds from “Nothing More” to support Newtown Kindness in their efforts to recognize, reward and inspire acts of kindness.

The full interview with The Alternate Routes is available here. For more information about the group, bookings or music downloads, visit The Alternate Routes website.