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The almighty Elnett hairspray arrives in Denver


L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

It’s legendary in Europe. People in the US would smuggle it into the country (seriously). You’ve heard about it. You’ve read about it. Now you can own it legally. And to sweeten the deal – it’s at your friendly neighborhood Target store!

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray.  Let me first point out that I wear hairspray twice a month (maybe). The pomade/wax stuff that I use tends to keep my hair where I want it. But this hairspray is darn good. Yes, it lives up to all the rumors. No stiffness, no buildup and best of all it actually holds my very thick hair in place. I even put a little on my hand, press down on my part and those pesky winter static flyaway’s stay down. Many people say it’s even better after you brush through it. The only con I can conjure is the smell might be off-putting to some people.

It was banned in the US due to ozone damaging CFC’s that were in it. L’Oreal tweaked the formula and it is now “compliant with the most stringent VOC standard.”  There, now you can sound intelligent even when speaking about hairspray!  It’s selling for $14.99/11oz and $6.99 for a 2oz trial size. There are 3 varieties – Stronghold (the one I tried), Extra Stronghold, and Extra Stronghold with UV Filter.

Hint: It’s not in the L’Oreal section at Target, it’s in the high-end hair product area – you can’t miss the tall gold can. And remember, it’s Target – so keep your receipt in case you don’t like it.

For more info: Click on the link in the article, it will take you to the product at


  • Melissa 6 years ago

    Being that I cannot live a day without hairspray, I am going to have to check this item out while in Target. Thanks for always keeping us up to pace!