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The Allure of Vintage

Vintage decor
Vintage decor
Vintage lounge bar

By adding a touch of vintage elegance to your lounge, you can bring integrity and warmth to a space. Today, many stylish venues are inviting a more vintage vibe into their space. With this nostalgic resurgence of trends, you may give a more compelling energy to your setting. There are two distinctly notable elements one should seek when bringing this theme into their venue: European patterns and flower motifs. These wonderfully vintage elements will provide a more seasoned and finished look to your furnishings.

European Patterns

European patterns are ideal for bringing refinement and polish to any hot spot. As these patterns are often ornate, featuring interlocking lines or florettes, they are often associated with extravagance. These patterns can also offer a slight feeling of maturity and tenderness to a room. For inspiration, you may look to the Vintagemaya or Nostalgia Co. for ideas on how to bring this type of décor into your venue. The Montbello pillow collection features intricate patterns evoking a Victorian softness. The Mangolia collection similarly coveys this theme, revealing intertwining lines for a graceful rhythmic feel.

Many vintage stores also feature duvet covers, which also convey this high-quality detailing and texture. You may look to Italian Baroque motif to bring European aura to the room. Restoration Hardware shows a lovely duvet cover, showcasing the artistic antique patterns printed on delicately textured cotton. Vintagemaya also features duvet covers with this cultured heirloom vibe. The Nordic Grey Cover Set offers a nice touch with its faded lavender sheet and matching pillows, revealing vines printed on delicately textured cotton.

Flower Motifs

Traditionally, the flower has always been a classical element in bedroom décor, yet this can also be used elegantly for an upscale lounge or club. As a representation of beauty and charm, the flower is a detail that creates a strong vintage aura. There are also different types of flower styles throughout the eras that caret a different type of ambiance such as the medieval rosette or the 1980s pastel bouquets. Through Etsy, people can find various hand-made duvet covers and pillows with flowers channeling all different styles. They even offer an array of crochet versions, which creates the warming feeling of family bonds and harmony.

You can also look for flowers that reflect a more fun 1960s vibe. Bright and colorful daisies have often represented care-free love and peace. You may find such patterns for bedding at Vintagemaya with the Orchid Floral duvet set. The adorable flowers appear sweet and delightful with the white and purple pillows. Ultimately, this set conveys a pleasant invitation to enter the space, creating a comforting and warm vibe.

When selecting vintage décor, you should always make sure to select the best. You must look for cotton with a thread count of at least 450 and they should be from materials developed from the finest processing techniques. Whether it be from a weaver's spindle or the fabric from the crowded bazaars, you should ensure that you are investing in the best vintage décor. You will find that these elements bring an unique beauty to your venue, making you feel connected to your environment.

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