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The Allentown Department of Parks and Recreation is in need of snow shovels



  • William 6 years ago

    I noticed that the residential sidewalk was cleared much better than the ones at West Park and Bucky Boyle. As an Allentown homeowner, I realize that the city can fine us for not clearing our sidewalks. Isn't the city risking a law suit if someone should fall, especially at a place like West Park?

    I suppose if that happened, they would just raise taxes and make us pay.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your feet after the next snowfall.

  • Allentonian Transplant 6 years ago

    I can't believe the Parks Department and the West Park Association have left West Park like that... and with Allen High School students walking through it no less. When I was younger (much younger) we used to pick a city to go to on holidays. I know we came to Allentown (to Hess, etc.) a couple of times and it would have been a big disappointment not to be able to walk around the parks on New Year's Day because of snow and ice.

    I know the Parks Department is short staffed. I'm sure there is a lot to do in every season... but, seriously? I would hope they realize that some of us really do like to walk the parks in snow.

  • Joe 6 years ago

    just curious ... does anyone remember how the parks stacked up last year?

  • Harry 5 years ago

    In Sept. 2009 39 City workers were laid off. Most likely this is the reason why this condition exists?

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