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The Alice App – A Modern Experience of the Classic Tale

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When Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” almost 150 years ago, chances are he could hardly believe how relevant his work would become in the world. Now, two centuries later, this tale of adventure and fantasy is still one of the most cherished stories found in all children’s books.

Alice and her incredible trip down the rabbit hole continue to captivate the imagination of both young and old. In the 20th century, many adaptations were made, from TV, movies, animated series and comic books.

Now, the same story received a new format, and became translated into a form of an app.
Emmanuel Paletz Corp developed this application, and they were determined to keep the original spirit of this famous children’s tale. The Alice App represents an interactive process that will take any traveler on the same road that the main character in this story travels. The team that made this app focused on making the experience as immersive as possible, and invested much time and effort into further enriching this tale for the new generations.

The application allows its users to explore the imaginative world of Wonderland, and do this with interactive sights and sounds. Inside of this world, interesting games and illustrations await anyone who enters. There are riddles, games of puzzles and many more intriguing things on each page, while at the same time users get acquainted with the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and other fascinating and well-known characters.

The Alice App was developed for the iPad platform, and because of this fact, animation and illustration blend in perfectly with the story. Gameplay elements are also incorporated effortlessly, making this app a truly immersive experience that combines reading, listening and playing the same story.
This app is perfect for young children who are just entering the world of the written word. The Alice App will help any child learning to read by offering them a way to follow the narration by three separate means (words, voice and images). At the same time, the incredible ingenuity and sheer fun of the Wonderland will also stimulate their imagination and encourage creativity. This also means that the kids will become interested in other fictional work, which will help even further with the development of their literacy skills.

Because of a clean design, any navigation through the app is easy and does not require much effort by the user. Unlike other similar apps, this one is very friendly when it comes to the younger users. This way, any child can enjoy this tale without being confused by it.

Because of Emmanuel Paletz Corp, new generations of readers have the opportunity to, along with their older family members, hop into the brilliant world of Lewis Carroll and find what wonders are waiting for them on the other side of the rabbit’s hole.