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The Aldous Collins Band

Entertaining and lively!
Entertaining and lively!
Provided by the band.

The Aldous Collins Band has been together for about eight years with a few line up changes. Collins says his band is like family and considers himself lucky because they have such a great vibe. You may recall Collins first project with Sweet Libido in 1998. That band put out full length CD with some success but disbanded shortly thereafter.

PHOTO: Amy Nachbar

Next, Collins played solo for a bit, then put together a group called Sandy Money. This band played many stages and put out a five song EP which received airplay for their single, "Raise Your Hands."

Eight years later, Sandy Money became the Aldous Collins Band! They play a big band style and seem to celebrate life when they are on stage.

In 2014 the band took best in state at the New Hampshire Music Awards.

Examiner sat down with Collins to find out more about his band.

Examiner: How would you describe your band, your sound?

Collins: "The Aldous Collins Band is fun, energetic and positive. Our goal is musical freedom and joy. We want to push our music without any restrictions meaning we want to entertain and bring positivity and joy to people. We've been described as "Rugged Soul" and as "Cold Weather Jack Johnson." We are a unique group of musicians who are having a good time and we bring good people together. Our music goes from indie to funk to reggae to Motown to flow. The vibe is positive! Our influences are Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Talking Heads, Bob Marley and some others."

Examiner: Do you have any new recordings?

Collins: "Presently, we have a four song live EP called "Live at The New World Tavern." We have songs on Soundcloud, and three new songs on itunes, "The Station", "Set It On Fire" and "I Don't Care."

We just released our fourth single "Dynomite" recieved it's debut on River 92.5 and will be available on Itunes soon. Currently, we're working in the studio on our next single "Bulletproof."

Examiner: Can you tell us about your band members?

Collins: "Michael Rahman who is on lead guitar as well as vocals is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He's a super creative player. He gigs non stop and always brings something new to the table. Aside from the Aldous Collins Band, Rahman is working on a solo project as well.

Sam Dechenne on trumpet is also a Berklee College of Music graduate. Dechenne is a very seasoned and unique player who brings lots of love and passion to the stage. He is presently a few bands, but John Brown's Body would be the one that has brought him around the world. He's unstoppable!

Nicholas Asta is a young and spirited drummer from Marshfield. He spent time honing his skills in Nashville playing and touring and brings fire and desire to the stage. Asta fits in great with our band. He's dedicated to be the best and he's a pleasure to watch play and hear.

Steve Smith is on vocals and percussion. Smith is a "Grammy Winner"! His main project is Dirty Vegas but when he's not on tour he is with the Aldous Collins Band. He has an incredible voice and is an incredible player. Smith is a smart player and a gem of a man. You haven't seen percussion til you've seen Smith!

Matt Nourse is our bass player and is from Quincy. Nourse plays steady and smooth and is always ready to put the right bass lines down. He's a long time player who knows the circuit well. We are very lucky to have him. He brings the right elements to our band!"

Examiner: Anything else you'd like to share with Examiner?

Collins: "Josh Mitchell, producer/director who actually directed our very first video, "I Don't Care" (on UTube) has put us in two of his independent films slated to be released late this year. Our songs, "Beat Like the Sun", "Raise Your Hands" and "Love" are featured.

Also, my three beautiful girls have helped me realize what is important in life."

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