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The Air Dock

What is the Air Dock? The Air dock is a wireless charging car dock for your smartphone. It holds your phone with no clips and no clamps. It wirelessly charges your phone without plugging the phone into anything. The face of the Air Dock is a micro suction foam that magically holds your phone in place. Inside the Air Dock are magnets that pull the phone tightly into the foam face. The Qi wireless charger is built into the dock. Any phone that supports Qi charging will automatically charge once placed on the Air Dock. There are many phones that will work on the Air Dock. We are working on testing more and more phones all the time. Right now we can recommend a handful of phones to be used on the Air Dock. (We know there are more, but haven't tested them yet).

The micro suction foam face is pretty cool. Imagine a whole bunch of tiny little suction cups. That's what we have used to hold phones to the Air Dock. Full size suction cups need a smooth glossy surface to stick to. Similarly the micro suction foam needs a smooth glossy phone to hold onto. Any phone with a glossy back will stick great to the micro suction foam. If your phone isn't glossy on the back, then it's just a simple matter of putting it in a case that is smooth and glossy.

The goal was $60,000 and they have raised $79,000 plus with 41 days to go. This is a super success.

You can find the project here

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