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The Affordable Care Act and Ted Cruz

As the country sits awash in red ink and the Congress of the United States continues in a standstill over the debt. One can take some solace in the fact that the stale mate will be broken by the simple fact that opponents of President Barack Obama will ultimately be reduced to a sideshow attraction for malcontents.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz , or “Speaker” Cruz as some are calling him, is the right wing minstrel of the moment. Vowing to oppose Obamacare with his last breath, he almost did in a recent semi-filibuster-Cruz is the current face of the not-so-loyal opposition. His unrealistic rants and impossible negotiating positions are not designed in anyway to display any modicum of statesmanship. Heaven forbid. Rather Cruz and the others before him named Bachman, Cain, Huckabee, Palin, ad nauseum, only serve to serve themselves and the agenda that they have been led to believe will lead to political power and influence.

Sadly, this kind of buffoonery leads only to the political dust bin. Cruz, only in his second year on capital hill, has apparently convinced himself and a small cadre of eggers on, that he holds the new keys to his party’s future. If Obama can become President anybody can is their mindset. He went to Harvard,” I went to Harvard” say some. He’s African American, “I’m Hispanic” say others. Note the name Cruz. “I’m as smart as he is and from a bigger state.” Not to mention the fact, say others, that “we have got to take our country back.”

Senator Ted Cruz will soon be off the stage and busying himself with the nuts and bolts of actually representing his constituents and not himself. Political reality dictates such a turn of events. After all, how can you continue to campaign against a law that 100% of your constituents will benefit directly from and 50-plus% of your constituents would not vote to repeal.

True Texas is not an Obama state. But just as true is the fact that it will only be a matter of time before Texans elected to national office like Cruz will become urban legends. We know they existed, but we just can’t believe what they did.

The Affordable Care Act is not the best solution to solving America’s health care crisis, but it is certainly the best political and economic decision that could have been made between the three branches of American government. Arguments ensued, debates raged on for months, years. Compromises were made, votes were taken, the law was passed and judged constitutional by a conservative leaning Supreme Court.

Yet the latest round of demagogues, led for the present by Cruz, continue their fight, not against the Affordable Care Act, but against this President. Every policy, every word written, every mention of his name is despised by this group. Ted Cruz is simply the most recent embodiment of the disrespectful behavior toward the office of the President as occupied by Barack Obama.

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