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The aftermath: the media and liberals insist on ignoring religious freedoms

The media has been MIA concerning religious freedoms being trampled upon.
The media has been MIA concerning religious freedoms being trampled upon.

When the Obama Administration was first crafting Obamacare, they knew that there was going to be a constitutional issue regarding religion. They also knew that the Religious Restoration Act of 1993 needed to be circumvented. It would have been easy to avoid a major portion of the resistance to Obamacare that many Christian businesses objected to besides Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, however a purposeful action demonstrated the Democrats and liberals wanted a fight.

The religious exemption was arrogantly left out.

Hobby Lobby already was ahead of the curve regarding employee compensation with a generous minimum wage that is around $15.00 per hour and more. They already had a generous health care program that covered 16 of the 20 contraceptives mandated by Obamacare. Then the government became unreasonable.

There were only four "contraceptive care" procedures Hobby Lobby objected to which required the killing of potential embryos which violated the conscience of the owners that believe life began at conception. This is what they believed, not about somebody else’s rights. There were plenty of vehicles already available where abortion of an embryo did not have to take place. This was about forcing somebody to participate in something there was a clear religious objection to do.

Besides Hobby Lobby and Constoga Wood Specialties, there were Catholic organizations and a number of Christian businesses that filed suit against the government mandate. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) headed by Jay Sekulo filed numerous briefs on behalf of clients objecting to the violation of their religious principles. This was all about religious freedom and rights.

This is not what is being presented by the media in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling nor before. Many of the left leaning liberal news outlets are lamenting that contraceptive care which killed the embryo is being halted as though there are no other options. Others are trumpeting that women’s rights are being rolled back.

There is a refusal to acknowledge that the main Supreme Court verdict favored religious rights.

Democrats made it clear back in 2012 that there is little interest in the religious aspects or religious freedom. They actually booed the attempt to reinstate God back into its platform three times at the Democratic convention, however the chair overseeing the vote passed the measure to keep President Obama from being embarrassed. They were too humiliated to take a hand vote.

Avoiding the constitutional rights of the religious conservatives and organizations and using birth control and contraceptive care as a wedge to go around the laws of the land was a deliberate attempt to force compliance to the whims of Obama’s crowd on abortion. Make no mistake about it, there were plenty of options being offered by Hobby Lobby for birth control through its health care plan already. The radical left wanted their abortion ideology rammed down the throat of anybody that opposed them. Meeting in the middle or compromising was a lie fabricated by abortion mad zealots that wanted absolute and complete capitulation.

If there was any way to go undermine the religious standards or freedoms of the conservatives, the Obama Administration did it….even if it meant ignoring the law. The Obama crowd even had the audacity to say that providing abortion services should not bother Hobby Lobby’s religious convictions.

It was this arrogance that was addressed by the Supreme Court that stated it was not up to the government to decide what should bother the religious conscience of individuals. Just because the government does not care about the destruction of human life, it does not mean people with religious convictions should be forced to participate.

The government seems to be for rights for anyone accept people with religious convictions. The government has gone out of its way to water down the religious rights and this attitude is being picked up by the general public.

The Obama Administration has championed gay rights and continues to aggressively push this agenda even to foreign countries. While religious persecution continues to be the biggest world-wide problem, our government flies the rainbow flag in our foreign embassies as though this is the prime struggle. The media continues to be the water carrier for this agenda.

There is a war going on all right, but it certainly is not against women.

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