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The aftermath of a disaster is also a dangerous time

Many harmful substances can be in this flood water.
Many harmful substances can be in this flood water.
Dan Vale

This article discusses why disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and blizzards can be deadly, even after the wind and rain of the hurricane stops, after the water of the flood stops rising, and after the wind and snowfall of the blizzard stops. Preppers who make it through the initial disaster may be relieved and make the mistake of believing that danger is no longer present.

Some of the dangers that exit after a hurricane include:

  1. Flash floods traveling downstream.
  2. Dangerous road conditions, when traffic and street lights are not functioning.
  3. Detours that can cause motorists to become lost.
  4. Stressed motorists, who can increase the chances of auto accidents.
  5. Scam artists, who try to take advantage of stressed preppers, who are not thinking clearly.

Floods can occur with or without hurricanes. The dangers to preppers, after the flood waters stop rising include:

  1. Driving through flood waters and having their cars stall or be swept away.
  2. Wading through flood waters and being swept off their feet.
  3. Wading through flood waters and being exposed to toxic chemicals, bacteria, and viruses.
  4. Being exposed to dangerous mold and mildew.
  5. Risking electrocution, where there is an unusual combination of electricity and water.
  6. Handling snakes, rodents, or stray pets.
  7. Driving on damaged and structurally unsafe roads and bridges.
  8. Drinking spring, well, or city water, without an all safe declaration.
  9. Eating food, whose safety has been compromised by flood water, high humidity, or insects.

After a blizzard passes over, the dangers include:

  1. Heart attacks from shoveling snow.
  2. Carbon monoxide poisoning from generator fumes.
  3. Auto accidents from still dangerous road conditions.
  4. Increased crime, because of power outages caused by the blizzard.

After a disaster passes, preppers can experience a tremendous sense of relief. They may be suffering from cabin fever and may be curious about the scope of the damage left by the disaster in their city. Venturing out in this frame of mind could be dangerous. After disasters, preppers should remain cautious and seek advice from local authorities.

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