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The adventures of Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Drury Lane theatre

The warm weather brings fun in the sun for many families this summer season with the hopes for enchanting adventures. One amazing family friendly movie that has captured america is Disney’s Maleficent. An educated way to experience this classic fairytale is to view a children’s play version of sleeping beauty at the Drury Lane theatre.

The drury lane theatre for young adults features a wonderful children’s programming throughout the year. Drury Lane missions is to reach young audiences with entertaining, educational, and theatrical programming that is fit for all children of ages. This spring the theatre is featuring the performance of “sleeping beauty” which runs until June 7, 2014. Tickets are currently $15.00 for adults and children The meal tickets for adults $30.00 and children under 12 are $25.00.

The sleeping beauty play features a vengeful sorceress Magenta which casts a spell on the beautiful princess Amber. The spell can only be broken by Amber’s her true love’s first kiss. The Prince Hunter needs to overcome his fears as he goes through mountains, dark seas, and battles dragons to find Princess Amber.

This amazing fairytale comes to life through music and very lively choreography. Don’t miss out on viewing this amazing play for a limited time with your family. After visiting this amazing theatre and witnessing this colorful play with your children it would be a great time to create your own fairy tale picture. Creating a fairytale picture displaying your strength and fighting for what you believe in.

Objective: Creating a family fairy tale which showcases how you can work together to fight for your beliefs.

1. White drawing paper
2. Glitter glue
3. Markers

1. Lay out the white drawing paper, markers, and glitter glue.
2. Discuss how it’s important to speak one’s mind and how we must fight for what we believe is right. Children can share experiences how they have spoken up about their beliefs.
3. Draw a picture of a created fairytale with the family members fighting for what they believe in use markers and glitter glue to decorate.

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