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The Advantages of Corian

One of the most important breakthroughs in kitchen and bath countertop technology was the invention of Corian over 35 years ago. Extremely durable, stain resistant and earth-friendly Corian is the perfect alternative to stone for kitchen and bath countertops. And, since it's non-porous it even works well in showers. Corian can be molded and shaped to fit a wide range of angles for just about any design need. Corian is a very healthy countertop material as well and that is the reason it is used in clinics, hospitals and other medical environments. The nonporous nature of this material allows for easy sterilization and chemicals cannot seep into it.

With over 100 color variations Corian has the widest range of colors and patterns of any countertop material making it a dream come true for designers and homeowners alike.

Corian colors include:
· Bright colors
· Pastels
· Elemental colors
· Dark colors such as navy or black

No matter what color scheme you come up with Corian has a color that will match.

Long Lasting Strength

Corian will take a beating but if you ever do manage to damage it fixing it is relatively easy. Corian is a solid surface material, meaning the color and texture goes through and through so a scratch, burn mark or stain can be gently sanded right out.

Don't trust your countertops to anything but the best.

Do you have children or pets? These worthy housemates tend to add quite a bit of wear and tear around your residence, but they won't be able to break your Corian countertops. So you may worry about broken windows, scuffed floors and walls, and stains on the furniture, but your countertops will always be perfectly fine.

The Choice Is Clear
You have a specific idea for the design, color scheme, shape, and thickness of your countertops. Once executed, you want those counter tops to last as long as the house lasts, immune from the normal wear and tear that threatens the makeup of any interior. With Corian you have the color spectrum and versatility to accomplish any shape, design, or color you need, plus the durability to ensure a long life of fantastic looking counter tops. Don't trust your counters with anything less.

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