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The admission office mindset list

Campus building in Texas
Cathy McMeekan

Since 2002 members of the Beloit College faculty have put together “The Mindset List” which reflects the world that entering college freshmen have experienced. At the onset, the list was provided to faculty to help them stay relevant to the times when connecting to a new crop of students. On a similar note, this list might help those who have worked a bit too long in the college admissions world relate to the newest “class” of hired college admission representatives.

Coffee was always available from Starbucks or a similar shop in most cities in the US.

They could always get from place to place using a hand-held device that was not a paper map.

Finding, comparing and booking airlines tickets and hotel rooms has always been done on a computer or smart phone.

Electronic swipe cards are used to unlock hotel rooms, not metal keys.

Waking up on time in the hotel has meant setting their cell phone alarm, not scheduling a wake-up call with the front desk.

Using scanners at most college fairs is the norm. Coding cards by hand for each fair is an unknown art form.

Checking multiple and often heavy bags for air travel has never happened. Having to pay for each bag and weight limits has always been part of their travel routine.

For men, they have never known wearing a shirt and tie as the norm, all the time and no matter how old you were.

For all they know a slide carousel might be a ride at an amusement park, not used in a college presentation.

Sitting through any presentation with technology has employed Power Point, Prezi or a similar type of software. Their idea of a virtual campus tour was never a binder of photos.

Rental companies didn't have SUVs. In the winter you took what you got and bought your own chains to get over the Snoqualmie pass between Spokane and Seattle.

If they go out for a drink after work it is usually for a micro-brew or fancy cocktail, not a Budweiser.

Checking in with the office has always been easy via either email or cell phone. They have never had to find a pay phone, use a calling card or use a phone in the high school office to call “home.”

Rental cars have always been a pain to rent if you were less than 25 years old. So some things do stay the same!

Check out the real Beloit Mindset 2014 list that was published when those who graduated college this past spring and summer entered college as freshmen. They are the ones joining the admission office ranks and it might help you relate to them as you chat at the campus coffee shop.

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