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The Academy Awards: Top moments from the 2014 telecast

Though not perfect, last night's Oscar telecast was still a pretty good time, mostly due to the fantastic Ellen DeGeneres. Her laid back approach kept the proceedings from becoming too stuffy, and provided some of the best moments of the night. But others (for better or worse) still had a chance to shine. Here's a look at the top moments outside of that fabulous selfie that broke Twitter.

Ellen scored some big laughs while serving pizza.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The I'm Just Teasing Award

Early on, Ellen set the tone with playful jabs to the audience, but none topped her digs at Jennifer Lawrence and Liza Minnelli. Lawrence laughed along with the daytime host, but it was hard to judge where Liza with a Z actually stood.

Dance with Me

And you thought the Golden Globes were unpredictable. When Pharrell Williams took the floor to sing his hit song "Happy," who knew that he would get such fabulous help from Lupita Nyong'o, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams, each shaking it in their own unique ways.

Anyone Hungry?

The Oscars are known for being long, and Ellen decided to take care of everyone's hunger pains by ordering some pizza. Kudos to the real pizza delivery guy that helped her pass out the slices to all those hungry people.

What's Your Name Again?

Idina Menzel may not have the most common name in the world, but still, John Travolta could tried to have made it a little bit closer to the real thing.

Best Speech

While Jared Leto gets extra points for being the most emotional, and Lupita Nyong'o was the most adorable, it was the songwriting team of Bobby and Kristen Lopez who stole the show with their rhyming thank you speech.

What were your top moments of the night?

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