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The Abwheel: The Perfect Core Exercise

How many crunches does it take to get flat abs? How bad does your back hurt after doing crunches

on the floor? Well there is a simplier way to strengthen your core without all the back pain.

Although the wheel looks simple and very cheap, it is a very effective device when it comes to

strengthening your abs and core muscles. It cost anywhere from $10-$15 and you can pick it up

at target, walmart, Big5 or just about any store with a sporting goods department. The wheel

is simple to use but it is a challenge. After about 2 weeks or so of using the wheel you will become

more flexible and you should have a considerable amount of tone and definition to your arms,stomach,

and chest. This tool has been around quite a while, yet we never see commercials or advertisement

for it. The reason being is that the wheel is such a simple device there is no way to explain how easy

it is to use it. Form is the most important factor when using the ab wheel,so make sure your body

is angled straight and your arms should be directly above your chest before each rep. Try this

exercise daily until you get the hang of it and you will get good results in your abdominal area

as as your arms and chest. Here is an example of how it should look with the right form:


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