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The Abstract take their innovative hard rock style to the next level

Last night, as so many nights before, Peabody's management reserved its main stage for mainly over-produced, scene-oriented punk and hard rock as something truly new and interesting was playing just on the other side of the wall. 

As guitarist/vocalist Nick Galbincea and drummer Kevin Cole of The Abstract took the Pirate's Cove stage, they did so with the confidence of a band that has played in front of hundreds of crowds and this was just another chance to show an audience their well explosive style of alternative hard rock with more energy and conviction than 90 percent of bands ever show. 

Eyes hidden behind dark glasses (reminiscent of Layne Staley) Galbincea laid down a furry of guitar excellence as he stomped his foot and through himself around the stage in an amazing display of showmanship.  Meanwhile, Cole pounded away behind him with flawless timing, feeding the intensity of each song. 

This was not just one of hundreds of shows.  It was their first time at Peabody's.  In fact, this two piece ensemble out of Medina can count their number of live appearances on two hands and have fingers left over. 

Rock bands with the creative fortitude, musicianship, and stage-presence all working for them don't come around everyday and it's time for people to take notice of what The Abstract brings to the table.