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The absolute truth about celebrities

The idea of being a celebrity can be an overwhelming beast to contend with. On one had, it can be everything anyone could ever wish for but on the other hand, it can be your worst nightmare as well. What most may not recognize is being a celebrity can be such a small part of who the real person behind the celebrity really is. Most celebrities today are trying to bridge the gap between the idea of who their fans think they are and who they are in their real life.

Every celebrity is truly just like everyone else except they've managed to capture lightning in a bottle
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Every celebrity is looking to live a life fulfilled
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Balance is ultimately vital to living a fulfilled life and anything in any direction of any extreme usually proves futile. The one thing anyone, including celebrities, should remember is people, in general, are all pretty ordinary when reduced to their common denominator. Everyone has pretty basic and simple wants and desires. Life has dealt each person their set of cards and it is up to each individual to make the most out of the cards they have been dealt. Not everyone will have the best hand but the player who has the most skill and sometimes the better luck will more often than not come out with a winning hand. As you play the cards of life not every hand will be a winner but as long as you stay in the game you stand the chance of increasing your skills along the way hopefully all in order to come out as the winner in the end.

What is it about celebrities that we are so intrigued by? Are we fascinated with the people we exalt to such high regard because they are financially successful? It it because we feel we know who they are? Does it come from a sense of envy? Or is it a form of admiration? From my experience there is a genuine fascination with all things that glitters (which we all know is not always gold). The human species responds to the sparkle with an innocent curiosity that immediately stays engaged until there is a reasonable conclusion as to what this sparkle is. What happens next is either its worth something or it is not and once its been determined that it is no longer valuable you move on.

A person who has managed to move beyond initial intrigue and continue capturing our attention moves above and beyond the crowd and suddenly they are no longer just something that sparkles but something that has turned into gold. They take the reigns of what was initially just a flicker and build upon that fascination until the audience becomes transfixed and engaged.

Reaching this kind of pinnacle of success is not easy and its even more difficult to maintain. What should be respected about them is they had a vision of what they wanted and most of them are living their dreams. They've managed to master the art of staying relevant in a world where relevant changes minute by minute. Their status should be one that is respected because it encompasses so many factors coming together at the right time and right place that there is no way to understand the formula.

So what is the absolute truth about celebrities? They are truly just ordinary people who have risen to the occasion of the cards they have been dealt and are working on living a life fulfilled. They happen to be doing it in the spotlight because, for some reason, they were dealt a few cards that won them a few extra winning hands. Celebrities are not perfect people but they have managed to succeed because they believed in themselves enough to have been prepared when opportunity met them. At the end of the day celebrities happen to be normal human beings who have happened across lightning in a bottle, a phenomenon for all to behold, but in the scheme of life each and every one is just like all of us trapped in the fragility of life, living it one day at a time, trying to find the balance of a life lived fulfilled.

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