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'The Abduction' movie: True story of Susan Foster-Michael Kropowensky

based on a true story
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"The Abduction" is a true-story movie based on the Susan Foster-Michael Kropowensky abduction case. The family drama aired for the first time as a Sunday night miniseries on Lifetime Television in July 1996, according to MSN Entertainment.

It is directed by Larry Peerce and written by Marshall Goldberg. Produced by Hearst Entertainment, "The Abduction" stars the lovely Victoria Principal, along with Robert Hays and Christopher Lawford. The name of the victim was changed to Kate Finley for the movie.

"The Abduction" synopsis/plot

Kate Finley seems to have found the perfect mate until he begins abusing her. Kate tries to endure in her marriage but decides to leave once the physical abuse escalates. Instead, she tries desperately to have her husband, a police officer, arrested for harassment. Eventually, the husband kidnaps Kate and holds her hostage.

The true story on which the movie is based involves the case of Susan Foster, a Tufts University professor who was abducted by her husband Michael Kropowensky. The real case happened in 1993.

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