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The ABC’s of the BK music scene

Okai Musik in Australia
Okai Musik in Australia
Photo by Emma Jacobs

A → Australia
B →Brazil/Brooklyn/Brown Rice Family
C → Cumbe Center for African & Diaspora Dance

Okai Music finds his rhythm in Australia
Photo by Emma Jacobs

So what’s the connection? Okai Musik – He is one busy, talented musician, flying high in 2013 and sweeping in the New Year with amazing collaborations. Okai is an extraordinary percussionist and vocalist raised in Brooklyn, NY, with family roots in Haiti. He is an integral part of two awesome bands that are sweeping Brooklyn and Manhattan: Underground Horns and Brown Rice Family. If you haven’t experienced them live yet, be ready to DANCE and make some new friends.

Okai Musik just explored the Land Down Under, re-charging his creative energy and writing new songs. He has traveled to Brazil, Australia, and back to NYC to collaborate for dance classes, workshops, and culture in education.

The musical group, Underground Horns, traveled to Brazil this September, experiencing the richly artistic Brazilian culture. They performed at the Festival Tudo é Jazz in Ouro Preto, packing the venue with fans. In a warm welcome for their return, Brown Rice Family (BRF) launched a huge performance in Brooklyn at Woodland restaurant. This event lit the fire for the article: Wow, they can perform!
BRF does it big wherever they play: poly-rhythmic tunes, high-energy performances, dancing fans, beautiful apparel, and even handmade soap. What is so impressive is the diversity of both the musicians (each one hailing from a different country) and the crowd: They truly represent Brooklyn.

Check out Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance (558 Fulton St., 2nd Floor) this Saturday, January 25th, 2014, 8 pm - 2 am where Brown Rice Family will be performing for the Diaspora Dance Party. This big band is full of energy, joy, and rhythms your feet tap to instinctively. Be there.

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