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The ABC's of Dining Out on a Budget

There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you venture into the land of "budget dining." Not every restaurant is conducive to budgetary constraints, however, if you are willing to keep in mind a few simple tips, you will find success at most any dining establishment. When going out, keep in mind the ABC's of dining out on a budget.

Appetizer Menu
Most times, there are offerings on the appetizer menu that are more than enough to be an entire meal. Often the prices are less expensive and the quality of food is just as good.

Be Brave
We are creatures of habit. Often when we go dining out, we gravitate towards the places that we "always go." We order the things we "always get" and never deviate from what we are used to. If you are willing to take a chance and be brave enough to try a new place or a new entree, you will not only expand your culinary horizons but will be able to save yourself some money.

Cost Evaluation
When you are going out, you should always evaluate the cost of something against what you will receive from it. For instance, if you are torn between two items on a menu that are the same price, take a moment to evaluate which will be the better payoff. If the choice is down to a complete steak dinner or four toast points and some caviar, it is far better to go with the dinner and save the fish eggs for when someone else is picking up the tab.

Your social life does not have to come to a crashing halt just because your budget is a little more lean. Remember these tips when you go out and you will be well on your way to keeping your social calendar well fed.


  • bradthebishop 5 years ago

    I hereby submit that this, in fact, is easier than 1-2-3. Not as easy as 1-2-3, as pop music would have us remember. But rather wholly easier than 1-2-3. Thus speaketh the Bishop. =)

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