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My World. My Site. My QC
My World. My Site. My QC

MyQCtv - The local Charlotte arts and entertainment resource Charlotte, North Carolina

In November 2012, the independent media and entertainment industry networking website My QC was officially launched in Charlotte NC as Now with the addition of streaming video, the site has transformed into a local media outlet, featuring music, film, art and literature.

The website features live as well as produced video in the form of segments, promos, full-length shows, short clips and trailers. The website editors and correspondents research, blog and produce their own video segments. “This is a great opportunity for someone who is trying to break into broadcasting, indie-media or production”, said Jessica, a spokesperson for My QC. “Aspiring writers and photo/video-journalists are encouraged to join us. We do not follow the same path as the mainstream media, which allows us to be more creative, spontaneous and – let’s face it, more honest and upfront. We don't answer to corporate media industry executives, so we have no agenda outside of featuring local art and entertainment."

My QC is currently accepting new submissions from local contributors. Anyone who is interested should visit the website at and create a contributor profile. If accepted, you will then be invited to submit your own content or join the internet broadcasting team for local assignments.

For those who wish to advertise their company/business or promote their events, please call (980) 272-7362 and leave a detailed message about the ad or promo you would like to run as well as your name contact information. – My world, My site, My QC.