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The $9.99 Update!

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio
Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hey Yo! It was great to see the Outsiders on Monday Night Raw. Kevin Nash looks like he is in incredible shape! I'm not sure why WWE is worried about the Network. Today it was launched to 170 countries, has a one month subscription of $12.99 and isn't in the UK just yet. For $9.99 (a fantastic offer! I really should get a free t-shirt or something). Its a busy week with my SummerSlam review coming, so lets get into some news!

  • WWE cuts continue---

A lot of releases happened over the last two weeks as WWE continues to let people go. The NXT stars that were let go two weeks: Garrett Dylan, Travis Tyler, Slate Randall, Mac Miles, Dani Jackson. Members of the wwe creative was released and the time keeper that threw Steve Austin his brews (I think his completion percentage is higher than Peyton Manning) was also released. The subscription of the network runs out (I got it day one) at the end of the month so that should spark some more dollars into VKM's bank account (unless it was spent on the Hogan b-day celebration).

  • Alberto Del Rio---

Alberto Del Rio was released by wwe when he reportedly slapped one of the WWE social network workers. It is being reported that the other employee made a racist comment that Del Rio took offense to. When the first report came out, it just read 'altercation with another employee and the speculation started (I kind of hoped it was news of Batista going 0-3). I really enjoyed Albertooooooooo Del Riooooo, and a thought he was one of the best performers. Losing a main event heel weakens the PPV cards, but he already has plans to show up to the AAA promotion in Mexico this weekend. At the beggining of March it was reported that he would not resign his deal when it runs out, but with this news, hopefully he'll continue to show off his incredible ability!

  • Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble 2015---

I don't like to post stories that are speculation, but I thought it was interesting to note that another surgery may be needed and his return may be pushed back to the royal rumble. I only say it is interesting because the 2014 Royal Rumble (I was there, it was amazing) was huge for Daniel Bryan and his 2014 after Mania was so hectic, I can only imagine his return that night would be huge!

  • Hardys vs the American Wolves---

My friend Jason Jones sent me a message saying "quick, turn on Impact" and hoping it was the Great Muta (one of my all time favorites), but I got Matt Hardy (LAME). It was the American Wolves versus the Hardy Boys "dream match". Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are two of the best in-ring guys in the word (youtube them if you are not aware of these) and Jeff Hardy can still do a few flips, and then there is Matt Hardy. There was a meme of him wearing an "Icon" shirt that almost made my head explode. When Jeff would swanton bomb someone off the ladder only to be followed by an elbow off the second rope by Matt...I just don't think that that guy has done anything to ever contribute to the wrestling profession. Anyways, it blows my mind that WWE passed on Edwards and Richards. For HHH to say "we have enough guys that can have great matches" is beyond crazy. Call it sports entertainment all you want, but it is still a wrestling company. This was a really good match, so I shouldn't be too hard on him (thank you, Jason Jones).

  • NXT Take Over 2---

The Next NXT takeover is scheduled for 11th. The first NXT takeover was really good, so the next one will be wrapped up in anticipation. Adrian Neville is amazing and I can't wait to see this guy on the big stage.

  • Title Unification---

Again, I don't like to post speculation (anybody can look on the dirt sheets), but with the stories of the World Title being retired soon, the IC/US title unification match is also hitting the wire. As of now Sheamus doesn't have a match at SummerSlam (so a Triangle match was rumored) but that doesn't look likely due to Miz/Ziggler being a lock. They could still make a change(wouldn't be the first time in the last few months that WWE added a match the day of the PPV).

My SummerSlam review is coming out soon, Bully Ray is on Jim Ross' podcast (that become available Tuesday nights on and iTunes) and Paul Heyman delivered another incredible promo this past Monday on Raw. So get ready for the biggest PPV of the Summer for the great, low price of $9.99!

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