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The 8th is the most difficult hole at Billy Caldwell Golf Course

Can you name the styles in this diptych?
Can you name the styles in this diptych?
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

One of only two, nine holes, Forest Preserve Golf courses, Billy Caldwell Golf Course has 3,108, total yards from the Blue teeing ground; 2,941, total yards from the White teeing ground; and 2,627, total yards from the Red teeing ground. The eighth hole is the most difficult hole on this course. (Billy Caldwell Golf Course is at 6150 N. Caldwell Avenue, Chicago, Ill.)

The eighth hole is par four. From the rear, Blue teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 399 yards. Three hundred eighty-four yards is the average distance from the White teeing ground. Three hundred fifty-seven yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground.

As the penultimate, par four hole, the eighth hole’s fairway is not the longest; that is the fourth hole’s fairway. However, this fairway is one of only two that have doglegs; the other is the second. This right dogleg is its main challenge. This fairway’s, first section points west-northwest. This fairway’s, second section point northwest. The second section, and where the dogleg begins, is approximately 150 yards from the putting green.

This fairway is wide up to the point where the dogleg begins. At this point, it narrows considerably to perhaps 25 yards wide. After that point, it widens somewhat until it reaches the putting green.

From teeing grounds to putting greens, trees are on both sides. More trees are on the left side than there are on the right side. This fairway lacks any sand bunkers or putting greens.

The putting green has an oval shape. Its length is longer than its width. This green likely has a difficult slope.

After finishing their putts, golfers should be certain that they go to the ninth hole’s teeing grounds. (They will pass by the fourth hole’s teeing grounds and the second hole’s teeing grounds.) The ninth hole is wedged between the first hole and the second hole.

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